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Letter to developers TWO

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Summerer: each sub class can only grab a specific pet, and the owner and pet have different shapes when they fit together.

1. Wildblade: you can get pet skill attack power bonus and a small amount of defense and health bonus by combining with pet. For example, bear and wolf can get pet skill. They have powerful explosive ability. Of course, they can attack separately from their owners.

2. Brood warden: can be combined with the blood thick pet body's defense and health bonus and a small amount of attack power bonus, such as mammoth and stone monster, can get pet skills, such as shield and rebirth, can also protect other players or attack separately.

3. Shadowmancer: can be combined with shadow pets to gain attack power bonus, such as shadow leopard or shadow wolf. When players sneak, pets can also sneak. After combining, they can get sneak attack power bonus and movement speed bonus. After attacking, they will cause different damage or negative buffs to the enemy.

4. Bestmaster: this one is different from others. It can't be combined with the master, but it can be combined with weapons. I wonder if you can understand what I mean. Ranger weapons can not be turned into biochemical weapons, but can shoot out animal souls or special skills.

5. Spellmacer: that's simple. Fire, water, electricity and wind. After the combination, the mage can't use skills other than pet attributes. For example, if the fire spirit and the master are combined, they can only use fire to get the pet's special flame skill and gain the bonus of flame, which is more powerful than ordinary flame skills.

6. Conjurer: two summoners, that is, they can combine up to three pets, get strong transformation ability, and can be combined with all types of pets. The ultimate skill can be combined with dragon creatures to get flying ability. Of course, the dragon is a proud race. If it is combined with the Dragon, it can't be combined with other pets. Isn't it cool.

7. Necromancer: this class cannot be combined. It can only summon a large number of dead creatures, including dragon corpses and other player corpses.

8. Enchanter: it can be combined with sonic monsters. As long as the attack means is sound wave, such as control or sonic vertigo, it can also buff other players.


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