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[NA] | Minimum Effort | Semi-Hardcore | Mature |

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[NA] | Minimum Effort | Semi-Hardcore | Mature |
Guild information:

We are newly formed guild for Ashes of creation, and we are looking for new members
to expand our guild/community for AoC Alpha1 and beyond. We are an active and experienced guild that will
be doing PvP/PvE and lots of exploring. Why do we call is semi-hard core you ask?Well its because we not going to
play AoC in hardcore mode, but also make sure we give the minimum effort! But of course we will compete in every
game aspect that we can.

Guild Goals
  • First of all to have fun and enjoy the game
  • We plan on being prepared to be active in all aspects of the game
  • Exploring everything AoC have to offer us
  • Try and compete with other guilds
  • Lastly to make friends!

What to expect in Minimum Effort

Warm welcoming into our community. Nice and helpful people who love to have fun and are pretty relaxed overall. Plus are willing to help face
everything AoC gives us. Please be warned that any childish drama will not be tolerated.

How to join

Discord link:
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