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Referral link landing pages

FluVirusFluVirus Member, Founder, Kickstarter
I think it would be great if we could specify landing pages for our referral links. This could greatly increase conversions. Currently we can only refer people to the sign up page and that page doesn't mention ashes of creation at all. At the very least I suggest adding ashes of creation to sign up page somehow.

Ways of implementing different landing pages:
1. Use links like<ref_code>
and store the ref code in the session. then when user clicks the sign up link use the referral link.
2. Add the landing page to referral link<ref_code>?landing=mmo
and when they arrive store the ref code in the session and redirect them to the landing page. When they go back to sign up page check the session for a ref code.
3. Store the ref code in a cookie.
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