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AOC tittle system ?

Hello there so i'm wondering maybe there is a be tittle system u can get in any achievements ? or it also be able to put some words by my self like in Lineage2 clan system where u can write tittle by your self ?


  • They referenced that titles will be a thing, but the games not out yet so I won't know until it's out.

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  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2020

    Not sure about custom titles, but to add to what @Yuyukoyay said
    Steven is a big fan of Lineage2, so you could put this question into the next QnA and the Community Managers can ask on your behalf :)
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  • Daveywavey: Master Rat Slayer.

    I like it!
    This link may help you:
  • Pie The Dragon Fetishist.

    Stand in Fire for 10 seconds. xD

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    Yuyukoyay wrote: »
    Pie The Dragon Fetishist.

    Stand in Fire for 10 seconds. xD


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  • Read that as tittie system with my blurry old man eyes.

    Got my hopes up.
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