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[NA] Dominion | PVX | Semi-Hardcore | Empire Building | 18+


[NA] | Dominion | [EST]
Dominion is a new community created around Ashes of Creation with the intent of building a major faction within our server. Our leaders are veterans who have led in MMORPGS for years, and have played for many more. We understand that leadership is THE most important aspect of our community, which is why we try to involve everyone we can in the process. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep clean, precise, and factual data. Weekly community meetings and schedules help us guarantee our members have the best experience they can have as we await the games release.

What We Offer
  • A Home: Everyone is looking for a place to call home, we hope you can call ours yours!
  • A knowledge Base: We are here to provide you the resources and knowledge needed to succeed.
  • Events: Movie nights, TTPRPGS, Game nights, Giveaways, & more!

What Were Looking For
  • Leaders: A community lives and dies by its ability to inspire it's men, leadership is our TOP priority.
  • Traders: Wars are won by the coin, not the blade. Traders are pivotal in bringing our hegemon to the masses.
  • Soldiers: The strength of an empire is its ability to protect the people within.
  • Craftsmen:Top notch artisans will ensure our nation remains technologically superior to the enemy.
  • Creators: We need your help for the propaganda machine! Videos, spreadsheets, artwork & more!

Discord: You can join our discord here or the link below.
Reach Out: Feel free to ask any questions you have in the forum where we will respond at our earliest convenience.
DMs: You can message me on the forum or on discord at Laser#1654


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    AlanFr0stAlanFr0st Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Great guild with excellent leadership and a plan for a flourishing community an instant join for any aspiring fans of Ashes of Creation
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