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[NA] Not the Face | PVX | NA

oheyspunoheyspun Member, Intrepid Pack
edited November 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Focus: PVX | PVP | NA | 18+

Leader: Spun
Size: (Medium)

Time Zone: PST/CST/EST



We are a group of toxic washed-up has-been memesters looking to leave our mark on Verra. We don't have any podcasts, or plans to be in the top 1% of raiders but we do plan to be VERY well known for what we do and have fun doing it. A typical night for us may involve having beers on discord, playing music and laughing our way to complete annihilation of the server. We are a small tight knit group of guys who wreck in pvp and enjoy a good laugh (sometimes at others expense.)

Not the Face is a home for anyone who wants to build a fun and exciting atmosphere while playing online games. Our goal is to be a tight knit group that we all enjoy being a part of, while making on-lookers feel like we are in an exclusive club that they would want to join. We are strong believers in recruiting the player, not the class or item level. Raiding and skill can be taught, a good constructive and fun personality less so. To put it simply, we want our members to look forward to logging in every day and spending time with fellow guildies.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please feel free to visit our new and "improved" website, come chill in discord, play some games with us etc etc. A full list of rules and guild info is on our website.

How To Find Us:



YouTube: We don't have one. GG.


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