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[NA] Spice Shop | PVX | Main PVP | Castle Domination

TlandTland Member
edited December 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
**Who We Are**
`We are a variety gaming community, but foremost, we are an Ashes of Creation guild. We are a strong and reliable community that's been playing together for years. We love PVP, but we also love just chilling and having a laugh. Our name came from ARK when we decided to create a sub-group within our own tribe to chill out and grind together.` **Where we come from**
`We come from managing multi-hundred member tribes in Ark Survival Evolved|Official-PVP|. We are very experienced in PVP battles, PVE Boss fights, and group organization. We come from a game that all progression even scaling many years can be gone in an instant if we don't win our battles Our roots run strong in combat, so we never back down from war. We thrive in combat; Battle pushes us to grind harder and faster in all aspects to gain the upper hand. We are nothing but unapologetically competitive and dedicated.`
**What we have planned**
**Overview **
`We, along with our Alliance, are going to create a Dünir Metropolis. Also we will be going for the resident castle.`
`We are relentless, determined, and painfully annoying to our target. Arriving at any battlefield, we will go out into our organized roles and conquer. If it's a siege or a guild war, we will fight, non stop, until there's nobody left standing. We fight alongside our allies in open world PVP whenever possible. We have a list of ghouls that need to be farmed and will go after anyone who dogs our members.`
**What we expect**
`Loyalty over all.`
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