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New Guy

Hi all,

Wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself to the community.
I primarily play on Xbox (despite my endless attempts to convert people to PC) and I have always enjoyed a variety of different genres with my favourite being story driven RPG's.
I have recently been looking for a new MMO for me and my mates to get involved in. It was a surprisingly short search as I came across all of the Ashes or Creation hype pretty quickly.
I love what I have seen so far and can't wait for the more in depth details to be released. I'm hoping to keep up to date with what looks to be a very promising project while helping out in any way I can.


Mega Cheesecake


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    Hello Cheesy and welcome to the community :)
    Yeah, there's been a lot of hyping, so it's nearly impossible to miss :D
    Jump on Discord to chat with your fellow Ashes members and get all new information about the game first hand. .
    Cya :)
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    Hey bud,

    Cheers for the link I will jump in and join the conversation.
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    Terribly sorry for the late welcome. But welcome. I'm hardly home, so I cant always check these things >.< I also see you have already joined the discord, so welcome there too xP. If you have any questions about the game, or just... any questions about the game, ask about it on the #ask_interpid text channel, where either Steven will answer, or a member of the discord will. Anyways, I'll see you around.
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