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Launch of Phoenix Watch a brand new podcast dedicated to the community of AoC.

MaezrielMaezriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited November 2020 in Community Creations
Consider checking out these first four episodes of the bi-monthly (every two weeks) podcast, Phoenix Watch. a show I intend to dedicate entirely to the growing community of AoC.

In these episodes I chat w/

Sinbad GL of Ember and talk through his plans on how to manage a large guild that intends to hit the ground running with a hardcore PvP playerbase.

Auron, GL of Reborn another hardcore PvP guild and one of the very few EU guilds currently recruiting

Thogli, GL of the Lords of Dünheim a Dwarf only RP guild where we dive deep into their aspirations for the game and,

AquaPeach which will lead an AoC branch of The Hounds that's not just a massive multi-gaming community, but also one of the largest OCE ones.

Written transcripts are currently going through some final edits and I'll have those available by end of tomorrow.
If I said something that you disagree w/ feel free to say so here.
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