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I'm Doing my Part.....Are you? (Think Starship Troopers)

KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Here I am playing other games.....ineffectively attempting to fill the void that will one day be filled by Ashes of Creation. I always try to promote AOC while playing anything else. Yesterday I recommend someone to watch lazypeons original AOC video on youtube and bam, today he joins my guild and buys the $375 package to get into Alpha 2! This games quality and energy sells itself and there are a some of us actively recruiting to grow a true community in this new world! This post has zero goals...I am just excited to meet new people haha.


  • KatakKatak Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    Welcome! Look out for opportunities to earn an Alpha 1 key. That's the next best thing to do along with boosting your forum activity.
  • KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    These forums are actually pretty great compared to a lot of other forums I have been a part of. Most of the current base has a very similar understanding of how to have good conversations. I'm excited to see how this community evolves with AOC. Hopefully the toxicity is at least limited haha.

    I didn't know you could earn an Alpha 1 spot. My mind is set on Alpha 2 since I know it's for sure but I will keep an eye out!
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi there. Just to clarify on what Katak said regarding Alpha 1 keys. Right now you cannot buy into Alpha 1, however there are small occasions where you can win an Alpha 1 key, for example they were given as a prize on the latest gourd contest and some were given away during the recent ExtraLife 24 hour stream.

    That said, these events are rare so I wouldn't rely too much on them. Hope that helps :)
  • VhaeyneVhaeyne Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    All of my recommendation credibility has been ruined because Darkfall: New Dawn decided to ruin their game at the last minute making it unplayable at launch, after a long enjoyable alpha and beta.

    I still wont shut up about how AoC is going to be different.
    If I had more time, I would write a shorter post.
  • I agree about doing your part. I've been chatting to my WoW classic guild about AoC a lot recently. Great bunch of people so here's hoping some of them make it into the community for this game
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
  • I've been doing it with all my guild mates to the point that its more of a joke, like Raid: Shadow legends ads.
    Commissioned at
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
  • Is the Referral thing still going?
    This link may help you:
  • -Nyx--Nyx- Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited July 2021

  • mrwafflesmrwaffles Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    daveywavey wrote: »
    Is the Referral thing still going?

    oh yeah, ask Jahlon. He's going to have more credits then anyone ever will with all his referrals. He'll win the hat wars for sure :-).
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