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This posted on a YouTube video about AOC Races: 'Folks, in my guild want to know about racial quests. That is to say, after spawning and early on, what are the more advanced racial enhancements and quests.' I think I speak for most that there is a hunch that there will be more advanced racial quests. Dithering with sea quests is nice - how about the fundamentals. Perhaps @Jahlon has some insight? Best regards. Skaff.


  • Might be a question to ask in the next QnA :)
    I wish I were deep and tragic

    Quests that are race specific, title specific, or guild specific will likely be less than 10% of the total number of quests. 90% of quests should be able to be shared by everybody.
  • Dithering with sea quests is nice - how about the fundamentals.

    From the sounds of it, sea content will be just as valid as land content. If you want to be a sailor, you can be a sailor, without having to "dither".
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    Pardon me if I went on a tangent. The original question has to do with racial quests. First, will there be racial quests ... answer - YES. Second question, at what level and mode? In other words, I presume that races will have to go to their home land to fulfill those quests and gain some attributes? And .... is there a dynamic map that may relocate a homeland? The basics about racial quests are missing. One would think Intrepid could say 'yes - there are racial quests at higher levels for which that race must travel to their origin (or not).'
    What do you or Intrepid think? BTW @jahlon can contribute here. Best regards, Skaff.
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    Also...we can expect there to be racial quests (and rewards) that are only available when a specific race governs a Metropolis.
    Steven confirmed that on The Ashen Forge a couple years ago.
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    Thanks @Dygz.
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    WoW had racial quests for starting characters that took place in starting areas, before you move on to quests that all races per side (Alliance or Horde) could participate in. It would be consistent if Ashes was similar, since if I remember right your racial choice helps determine where you start in Verra, much as it does on Azeroth in WoW.
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    We can start at any portal, regardless of race.
    I would expect every node to have some racial quests engendered by the governing race.
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    I think that the easiest way from a developer side is to make the racial-quests at one portal which was meant for that one race. When you decide to start at another portal, than you would have to travel later on in the game to that one portal to do your racial quests.
    The main questions are, for which level are the quests? They dont have to be in the starting area for level 1 players. The other question would be if it is possible to somehow make the quests adapt to your character-level, so that you dont run just through it, but to be still a challenge. Otherwise they would loose their charme.
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    Well, we can expect to have racial quests at the portals since they are likely to have a preponderance of one of the four original races governing each portal. But, people will also getting quests for the sub-races at whatever town, city or metro has them.
    There could be max level racial quests at each portal tasking people to mentor others who belong to the originator race, sure.
    Race isn't the only charm of the portals. And probably is not the primary charm of the portals since, again, any race can start at any portal.
    What will really lose some "charm" is when that Pyrian town turns into a Nikua city!!
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    Thank you @Dygz. See you at Las Vegas and in-game. Again.... I don't want to be in Las Vegas hob knobbing when I can play in game at launch. Quite the conundrum. Be safe.
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