Stuff i dislike about MMO's. Is it just me?

I've been checking out Ashes of Creation for the last week or so, looking at the interviews that Steven made with streamers and some videos on the youtube channel.
I just wanted to share some stuff that i like and dislike about MMO's, I dont know if this will contribute anything to the game but i just like talking about MMO's in general i guess.. these might be small things or whatever..

I guess I'll start with some negative things about MMO's imo:
Cash shop
I really dislike a cashshop, P2W ect ect (like most people i guess).
I dont really care if there is a cashshop present in the game. I just HATE when its on my UI on some bar in the corner, or with some popup shit.. just hinting and brainwashing me like ''Hey... you see that icon down there? Click it... cmon... click it... its the cashshop... click the icon. DO IT! CLICK THE ICON'' and then BAM *popup* ''HAVE YOU SEEN OUR LATEST COSMETICS?'' or ''NEW MOUNTS IN THE CASHSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WANNA BUY!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!? BUY IT!!!!''

You know what i mean? It just buggs the shit out of me that its there... just waiting on my UI. That little small shiney button just begging for my attention. Just lurking and waiting for me to click that shit.
I just wanna play a game and have fun and NOT think about how much IRL cash to spend on some cosmetic shit or some new mount.
I feel like the game should just be about the game and not about some cashshop with a game on the side, regardless of P2W or not.
I dont know.. i might be wrong but thats what i think about that.

item quality
I've played a few MMO's. And it seams like most of them use somewhat the same iten quality system. I like the system with like:

Its a cool system. But i just hate that some games have taken this to the extreme. A rare item is no longer RARE. Even an epic item, or in some games, legendary items are common.. Its even to the extent that its a requirement to have some certain Legendary items..
Are those items/gear really that rare/epic/legendary if so many people have accuired them? Its a waste of a system if it just leans towards ''epic/legendary'' items for everyone.
If i get a rare drop, it shoud be RARE.
If i get a legendary item it should be LEGENDARY. Almost one of a kind item. Why even lable the items with rarity if its ALL just epic/legendary on every character that is running around? Does every boss HAVE to drop epic items? Why?
This is a tiny thing that annoys me i guess... I hope im making sense.

I know im leaning alot towards the negative about MMO's but yeh.. Maybe there is a thred, or ill make a thred about stuff i/we like about MMO's :) .

What things annoy you guys about MMO's in general?

(English is not my mother language, I apologise for spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences)

Looking forward to Ashed of Creation! Good luck, but more importantly have fun making it! :)


  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Feedback is always a good idea to try, even if people don't agree with you. That you took the time to write something in not your first language is commendable. I will let others support your points or tear them down.
  • Haha naa lets not tear anyone down! Its just some things thats been bugging me about playing MMO's. And to be honest, of all i've heard from those interviews som Steven and some dev uppdates ect just hits me so hard. The philosophy of the game just seams amazing, its a game like that i really want to play and i just wanted to atleast give some feedback of what i think.

    On that note, anyone who dares to go agains me will burn :wink:
    Thx unknownsystemerror
  • Golol wrote: »
    If i get a legendary item it should be LEGENDARY. Almost one of a kind item. Why even lable the items with rarity if its ALL just epic/legendary on every character that is running around?

  • @daveywavey
    OMG thats EXACTLY what i mean! xD
    Never seen that video haha good1
  • AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds
    Just one minor correction... The cash shop is only cosmetics. They don’t even sell mounts, just appearances you can apply to mounts. You still need to acquire the mount in-game somehow. Literally everything in the cash shop is only a way to modify how something looks, and that will never change, because Intrepid is militant about avoiding even the appearance of P2W.

    (One minor caveat, some packages in the cash shop also give beta access but that just for now before release.)

    Otherwise I agree. I don’t want anything in-game advertising the cash shop. I hate games that have a flashing button you can’t hide that push you to buy stuff. Since Ashes is a subscription-based game, not F2P, I assume it doesn’t need to resort to that sort of thing so I don’t think we need to worry. But I agree, I hate it.

    I also hate the way most modern MMOs treat “very rare” as standard, “rare” as sub-standard, and “normal” as trash. Then “epic” means better than average, and “legendary” means “pretty good, try to get this”. Maybe these are my old man pants talking but I remember when in old games those descriptors were accurate, and most gear was normal gear, and exceptional gear was the exception. Maybe in Ashes with the emphasis on crafting, we won’t even have this system? Maybe items won’t need quality ranks and they just have levels or you compare stats from one to the other. We can hope,

    But yeah, other than my minor quibble with equating the cash shop to P2W, I completely endorse your post. Those things bother me too.
  • I belive steven said. (and correct me if im wrong)
    That Legendarys will be limited.
    Now as hard as flying mounts but i think it was something around 10% - 20% player population will have 1 piece??
    Really not sure and dont have the will to search through everything Steven said.

    But i do remember clearly that there will be Unique Legendary s.
    As in there is exactly 1 of the same kind on the the server and that's it.

    We also know that repairing gear will require more then just money.
    It will most likely require Materials and hopefully the Mats need to be on the same rarety.
    So Legendary Mats to repair legendary.
    It also requiers Legendary crafting benches to craft and repair legendary Gear.
    And that is only something you can find in the level 6 science node.

    So yah i think Legendarys will be rare and hope they limit it even further to something like 5% of the playerbase.

    As for the cash shop.
    We have it and it stays.
    No pay to win and only cosmetics.
    For that we don't have to pay for the box and for the expansions and that is something that will really help keep a high player population in ashes, as new people only need 15$ to test the game for a month and dont need to pay 100$ for the Box + all expansions.
    Same with returners who dont have to buy the expansions they missed just to play the game again.
  • TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Member
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    It's already a well-stated goal of the game to avoid Pay-to-Win.

    The MMO backgrounds of the staff on-hand has instilled me with the faith that they'll foreseeably figure out a good system for loot drops and keeping items rare (i.e. like the devs' comments about flying mounts).

    The guys in charge of production decisions AREN'T noobs. Any noobs on the team are likely populating quests, play-testing, bug-fixxing, combing through code for mis-types and errors, or working on minor systems, like the tavern games - the grunt work!
  • @Tyranthraxus
    I get that Ashes of Creation have different systems and all.
    Im just speaking of MMO's in general here. But thanks for explaining what the Ashes of Creation - team is doing :)
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
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    I also dont like quality items.
    Keep it simple:
    Tier items (1-15, 15-25, 25-35, 35-45)
    Enhanced (silver sword +1)
    Augmented (vicious silver sword: crid dmg increased).
    Epic world boss items: Ring of Baium, Necklace of Valakas etc etc

    And nobody likes p2w
  • AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds
    @Golol I also wanted to say welcome to the boards. I am glad you registered and are contributing. You have good ideas and don’t worry if English isn’t your native language, you communicate better than the average person who does call it a native tongue.
  • I think the original poster's issue is not so much with the cash shop, but with the cash shop having a presence in-game. Many MMOs have an icon in-game that links to the cash shop. He, and I, does not want to see such a link in the game. Having the link on the website is fine, but leaving it out of the game.

    As far as item rarity. Yes, this is quite often an issue with MMOs because other players cannot stand it when someone finds a neat item they cannot get because it is a "Legendary" item. So many game developers, to appease the masses, make "Ultra-Rare and Legendary" items available to all players - though some limit it to one such item per account.

    The developers from AoC have already given us some examples of how Legendary items will be handled and I will not repeat the Wiki link here as someone else has already posted it. This is probably as close to a happy medium as we can get between those who want rarity and those who want the bling.
  • Im also a fan of not having a 'shiny' cashshop image drawing my attention in a game where I just want to be immersed in the world im in, and not be subject to advertising like I am for majority of my RL.

    MMO's from my experiences are progressive, so when the economy matures and things like tradeskills advance and resources become more abundant, rare does often become a more 'common' occurence for the playerbase so I think its a hard one to navigate hence why MMO's use it as a default.

    What I would like to see implemented is around the design of, lets say a weapon for example, you can have rare quality (so stats, dmg etc) and common design, or something that would have rare quaility and rare design. I do understand looks are subjective so it might not mean that just because it is rarer in terms of design that people are going to want it more but it would add an element to a game that gives items that are common, rare, etc different scalability to work with so when I look at the player beside me I dont feel like we shopped at the same place.

  • I agree with those two points :smile:
    I definitely agree I won't want a shiny cash shop button ingame. Hide that in the menu somewhere.
    I also want rares to be rare and all that, but at the same time, I don't want the difference between an epic and a rare to be so big in terms of combat power, that the rare weapon isn't a perfectly viable option for endgame.

    Other stuff I hate are daily login rewards and daily quests. Keep the Pavlovian dog/Skinner box BS to an absolute minimum please.
  • I'm not super keen on an in game menu for the cash shop either, but I wouldn't be overly concerned if it was there.

    What I really wouldn't want though, are in game popups advertising the cash shop. That is significantly worse than any UI element could reasonably be.

    What could be cool though, as a means of advertizing the cash shop, is if Intrepid create a specific instance and set it up as a showcase for the most recently released items in ths shop.

    This gives players that are interested in buying items an opportunity to see them in game before purchasing, and allows Intrepid to openly advertize the cash shop without upsetting people that are against them in general.

    As long as this instance isn't something that players would be reasonably able to enter without knowing what it is, I can see this as a really good option.

    As to item tiers, I agree with the general dislike of their misuse in many games. When it is rare to see a player wearing a common item, uncommon items are indeed uncommon, yet rare items are the second most common only behind epic items, you know something is wrong with the system somewhere.

    I'm not sure how much of an issue this will be in Ashes, but it is a general dislike from a number of other games.

    Perhaps using a lable to denote how powerful the item is rather than how "rare" it is supposed to be could work - as the issue isn't so much with how common each tier is, but how their rareity does not reflect their name.
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder
    I'm fine with there being a button on the in-game UI to link you to the cash shop as long as the cash shop isn't forced upon you, for example opening up automatically every time you login. I understand the need for the cash shop to make money but I dislike having it shoved in your face.
  • KaienKaien Member, Braver of Worlds
    I dislike a cash shop as much as the next gamer however i do understand why its there. As long as its not forced down our throats and its not selling game breaking items i can tolorate its existence might even gift some cosmetic to my friends.

    I like quality items but thats one thing WoW destroyed, they gave out stuff so easy so now everyone expects to get "cool" items for nothing, i do not mind every joe running around with legendary quality items as long as its been worked for and not just a lucky drop from a random boss if you know what i mean
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