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We are a new guild to Ashes that look to provide a small and capable group. We want to design a realistic and unique RP that is inclusive for all forms of gameplay along with plenty of reason to work with or against other guilds. This way people with all interests can not only do what they want, but have reason to. We're looking to be a morally grey mafia organization who helps our own, but are more than willing to break a few bones if it means a few extra gold. Above all we want to enjoy what we are doing, but now for a short piece on guild lore.

A formerly infamous crime syndicate known as "The Families" have been on the decline after the loss of several leaders. As the portals open to Verra The Families saw the opportunity on Verra and unified in an attempt to build their own city. Through every means they had from bribery and favors to blackmail and intimidation from hit men, each family managed to send one group through the portal with the first wave of settlers. The leaders of these groups are named "The Four Fathers" and have been tasked with establishing themselves in the new world.
"No harm shall come to those who wish to prosper with us, but make no mistake we will prosper by means fair or foul. For the family."

When can we begin?
Currently we are hoping to start in Alpha 2 (Access to Alpha 2 is *not* a requirement to join)

---Provide first rate crafting services
---Monopolize bounty hunting while maintaining safety for the node.
---Regular raiding of rival nodes and castles caravans
---Offer protection for individuals or caravans
---Create a bounty board for players who are looking to hunt other PCs

Content and Social
---Relaxed atmosphere
---A focus on self improvement
---Raiding, dungeoning, node sieges, crafting, and bounty hunting
---Role Play for your characters to truly come alive and room to become one of the fathers (Currently planning on two events per week)

---Be civil and must follow ToS. We’re looking to provide an open environment and place to learn/share what you know.
---For active players once you can play the game (no we won't care if you can't play until launch)
---We ask that members are 18+

Contact Us:
GM Discord name: Tulvir#6961
Discord invite: https://discord.gg/ZA8bDfwpcf
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