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Can't make a purchase.

BlackaceBlackace Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter
Hello. I have been trying for a month now to upgrade to the Braver of Worlds package, but I keep getting an error: Sorry, the payment cannot be completed now. Please try again later or contact Xsolla customer support.

Well, for 2 weeks now I've been trying to contact Xsolla, and it's like pulling teeth. Still haven't gotten a straight answer out of them. Is there any other way to purchase things from the store?


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    Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi Blackace

    I'm not 100% sure if this will solve your issue but you can try submitting a support ticket at the following link:

    The Intrepid team are back in the office on Monday so I'll try to get a solid answer for you then. Stay tuned.
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    Hi there friend! As was helpfully suggested above, if you haven't tried reaching out to our support team directly for further assistance, I would definitely recommend doing so!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!
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