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The Hounds
Ashes of Creation Chapter
Many hands work the machine~ High-Thane Azazel

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Knowing the Hounds

We welcome you to learn more about "The Hounds", a growing multi-gaming community with a global presence. Our number, passion, tenacity, experience grows by the day. Here we aim to leave our mark throughout the journey that is Ashes of Creation. We bring to the table decades worth of MMORPG experience, from MUD to Sandbox, Theme-Park to FPS we've had our hand in the pot for a time longer than many who may read this have been alive. We bring a unique experience with an established leadership team, comprised of Active-Duty Personnel, FIrst-Responders, Mothers, Fathers, University students and many more. We know a thing or two about a rowdy, organized unit ready to go hard when duty calls!

Going Hard

Lets get first things first you Wazzoks. We come to win, and we like to fight against our odds. We like to say here that if we're surrounded, that just means we can slay in every direction. If you've got Dwarven metal in your veins, Dawi or no then you'll find yourself at home in The Hounds. Regardless of what title we decide to unleash our bearded fury in, know that it's 100%, 100% of the time. If you can swing an Az, craft a blade, or brew the finest mead in all the nodes then we've got need of you. The very nature of Ashes of Creation presses on us, know that this is a merciless sandbox title, if you aren't prepared to fight for your home, then nobody will remember your name

Smashing skulls and growing beards! PVP

So you've got some peach fuzz on your chest, you've had a good PvP memory, or you had a successful run at naked body spam in a survival game? Okay Umgi, sit down and grab a seat. This is a Sandbox MMO and you're gonna get learned! The Hounds are military by background, so prepare for quality rigid PvP structure, frequent pvp events and cheeks being slapped as far as the eye can see! If we're not expanding then we ain't living. The Hounds strive to perfect PvP, this includes weekly training for new-recruits, structured and mature leadership, active shot calling and meritocracy awarding to those that prove their metal in the mayhem! Only our best rise to lead our PvP teams, the most active and skilled among us lead our finest into battle against 5 or 500 we will make our foes bleed!

Protecting the Hold! PvE

Whether you be Dwarf or Human, your final thoughts should be of home. So why not make the most of it? The Hounds know what it's like to be someone's resource fodder, we know the lack of understanding when territory is at play, we understand all to well the plight of those denizens within a larger guilds realm. We're here to tell you that you have a place, just as our PvP teams we value our PvE members all the same. No army can function on an empty stomach, no Az can strike the strongest foe if not sharpened in the finest forges. So your glory days on the frontlines are behind you? Your family has you limited on war-time, you'd rather gather or craft? You have a place, you are an important part of the machine. You're more than a cog, you are a brother, a sister, a Hound. Come, know your worth and find your place with us. The Hold is our true calling.

The fruit of your labors! RP

So you've crafted all that you could craft, slaughtered all that you could slaughter? Well it's time to enjoy yourself! Kick back, enjoy the foot-traffic in our node. Partake in one of our weekly events, establish your own events. Bring glorious RP to the land, it's an MMORPG after-all, while the lads are slaying, the lass's are brewin' we need you to be chewin' n laughin'. Enjoy your time in our node!



What we want from YOU!

16+ Years of Age
Mic is required
Weekly availability

Who we're lookin' for!

PvP Enthusiasts
PvE Enthusiasts
All races welcome (Dwarf Culture is dominant however)
Team-players that enjoy structure in PvP, Raids, Dungeons etc
Players experienced with the nature of Sandbox MMORPGs

What we offer

Adult Leadership
Safe environment to enjoy your hobby
Twitch Streaming, Custom Logo, Site etc
Active Discord of 500+
Multi-Gaming Organization
Day 1 home node guaranteed
Daily PvP, Daily PvE, Weekly RP events!
True Meritocracy!

To find us!


Guilds looking for Alliance

We will discuss no Alliances nor NAP agreements within these forums, all Alliance inquiries must be taken with Discord Command Team: Azazel, Aqua_Peach or Admin Tarv. Please see rules section within Discord and verify yourself before approaching one of the above, thankyou

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