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Freehold sharing?

George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
edited December 2020 in General Discussion
Would it be possible for players to share a freehold?
Deposit items and withdraw, share functions?

Obviously the household would have to remain the same allocated size.

I think it should be an option.
It's easier to defend 1 household with friends than every person having to solo defend their belongings from a roaming band of siege winners.

Why do you think?
Or is it fair to let friends decide between them which friend gets to keep their items every time a node falls?

Very interested to see peoples opinions.


  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited December 2020
    As far as I know, there is one owner per house, but that owner is able to set access levels - including access to storage - that could allow multiple people to use the property as if they owned it.

    I am not sure if multiple players would have enough room to do/grow everything they want on one freehold, but it would be interesting if one freehold among a group of friends was set as storage and was guarded should the node fall, while the rest were just for growing crops and raising animals - nothing expensive stored so no major loss if it is destroyed.

    If that is possible, it makes sense to do it.
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited December 2020
    I dont think it should be fair for freeholds to increase production capacity based on players using it.

    But there are other professions players can choose to lv up outside of freeholds.

    And again to the main point, does ot mske sense for all the defeated citizens to try to solo defend their house?

    Would the game be better if freehold was a thing that hand group allowances?
  • FuryBladeborneFuryBladeborne Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited December 2020
    What we know appears to allow guild and family access to areas chosen by the owner that includes storage and crops.

    "Access permissions can be set to allow others to access a player's personal storage devices.[18][19]
    • Personal storage chests may be set to permit access by family or guild members.[18][20]
    A permissions system will enable an owner to grant access to specific parts of their housing.[23][18][24]
    • Ability to open the door and enter the home.[18][24]
    • Access to crops.[18]
    • Ability to deposit or withdraw items from storage containers.[18][19][20]
    • Permission to decorate but not take anything from the house.[18]
    • A property has a single owner.[23]
    • Access lists can be used to mimic co-ownership.[24]"
  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    I dont think it should be fair for freeholds to increase production capacity based on players using it.
    This seems a little too easy to exploit.

    To the main point though, it does make sense to concerntrate defense to some more important freeholds, absolutely.

    However, I wouldn't necessarily expect that to happen on a node level - if a node loses a siege, it would then be every player for themselves. This sort of thing seems to me to make the most sense among a group of friends, or within a guild.

  • You can only have one freehold per account per server, as I understand. So the concept of it being broken from a sense of exploiting production seems a bit far fetched to me. If someone is going around with 15 accounts and 15 freeholds spread over the hills with a single 'main' harvesting all of his beets or turnips, then thats just 14 additional freeholds causing other people to not build there and stagnate the node? If the node is not progressing with the effort of 15 freehold owners, then there will likely be less point of staying there?

    By the same token, if I have a friend who got a freehold, and is doing little with it because lazy or some other dumb reason, then yeah, I'd love to twist their arm to put in some beet or turnip patches I can harvest to make sure it stays useful (especially if it benefits me, thats free real estate)
  • Just 1 Freehold per account, so be sure where you want it. And you will be able to set permissions, so teaming up with a few friends will be possible to create a 'village'.
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