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[EU] Silence will fall I RP PVX I Time zone France I Conspiracy and global domination is on

TruthfoolTruthfool Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
I want to propose the creation of a guild of player who will make a vow of silence. We will have to communicate through other ways than the game chat/node chat.
What is the purpose of this guild?
1- We wil dominate the worlds economy by silently infiltrating every levels of Verra's power
2- We will prepare for the arrival of the Ancients and plan how to help them. I don't actually know if this will be a possibility in Verra :) but we will try to make one.

Yes this guild is going to be a hard challenge for RP fans.

This discussion is the occasion to work on how we could function in game and set the goals.
come and join me :smile:
Eldritch Harbingers
We follow the truth of the True gods, wherever she leads us
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