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Suggestions for content creators who should take part in the Alpha without NDA(probably march 2021)

A few days ago I asked in the forum whether you could make suggestions for content creators who should take part in Alpha pre-Test 3.

@Wandering Mist answered me the following:
"The official content creator program is currently being revamped so we don't have any details on what the requirements for joining it will be, or what kind of access/privileges official content creators will have.

As for suggestions, feel free to post them in the General Discussion forum [...]"

so I'm here now to make suggestions to the AoC team. But I don't want to just give any names without further information. I want to make it as easy as possible for the AoC team to see at a glance what kind of content creator I am proposing. Hopefully this will save the AoC team time in their search.
Therefore, it would be great, if others join in with suggestions, that we write at least the following information:

1. Name of the content creator (on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
2. who is he / she / they
3. Number of followers / subscribers
4. country / language
5. why do you think AoC would be a good fit for this Content Creator?

expand this minimum information if you want...

my suggestions:

1. Name:
Youtube/twitch: PietSmiet

2. Who are they:
Pietsmiet are 5 childhood friends who just have fun playing games together. They play from indie games to triple A games. They do let´s plays or make up challanges in these games. they have a total of 5 youtube channels and 2 twitch channels and their own website. they started on youtube in 2007 and release 3 videos a day (so far more than 23k videos on the main channel). they stream on twitch every day and have an average of 12k viewers per live stream.

3. Number of followers / subscribers:
Youtube main channel: 2.4M Subscribers
Twitch main channel: 640k Follower

4. country / language:
Germany / German

5. why do i think AoC would be a good fit for this Content Creator?
the guys at pietsmiet make entertaining content and often stream as they play through games. 4 of the 5 pietsmiet played wow actively in the past and some still do it privately today. in addition, they also stream wow on twitch every now and then or upload videos of challenges they have created themselves in wow on youtube. I can well imagine that these guys want a good MMORPG and also have the community that is interested in something like that. their community consists of rather older viewers (20-35 years old) who have seen the beginnings of MMORPGs. also they are 5 people which makes the whole thing even more fun and interesting.

1. Name:
Youtube/Twitch: Gronkh

2. Who is he:
gronkh is the father of youtube germany. he was the first big german youtuber and is still one of the biggest let's play youtubers in germany. he has 10 youtube and 2 twitch channels on which he distributes his content. since 2010 there has been new content every day. he publishes 3-4 videos every day on his main youtube channel and streams every day (an average of 15k live viewers per stream). gronkh is a youtube germany legend. he plays pretty much everything from indie games to triple A.

3. Number of followers / subscribers:
youtube main channel: 4.9M subscriber
twitch main channel: 1.3 follower

4. country / language:
Germany / German

5. why do i think AoC would be a good fit for this Content Creator?
gronkh comes from the early days of computer games. there is hardly a german streamer / youtuber who knows more about games than gronkh. he also played wow for several years and partly recorded this in videos on youtube. gronkh is a very well known person in the gaming youtuber / streamer scene in germany. he was the first big youtuber in germany and therefore very well known among gamers. his viewers are also rather "older" (20-40 years old). so he probably has a community that has been waiting for a good MMORPG for years.

6. Addition:
maybe interesting maybe not interesting: Gronkh, Pietsmiet and some other German youtubers organize a 12h charity stream (name: Friendly Fire) every year in December to collect donations for a good cause. this year these guys collected 1 million euros in donations + 560k euros through merch in 12 hours. this year assassins creed valhalla was the main sponsor, last year Cyberpunk 2077. the main sponsor always sets the theme for the merch and the sponsor's logo can also be seen everywhere. that brings good advertising and a lot of attention (an average of 100k viewers) and you do something good. wouldn't that be something for AoC in the release year?


1. Name:
Youtube: HandOfBlood
Youtube2: HandOfUncut

Who is he:
he has been on youtube since 2010. meanwhile with 3 channels. 2 videos are uploaded per week on his main channel. the special thing about his videos is the presentation. he plays a game and slips deeper into the role of his character than most. he dresses up and plays the role of his character in front of the facecam (very entertaining). He used to stream on twitch (746k followers), but now he only streams on youtube. he is one of the most famous gaming youtubers in germany and gets an average of 1 million views for his videos.
on his second youtube channel he publishes uncut gameplay content. here an average of 4 videos appear per week, which, although they are often several hours long, add up to several 100k views.

3. Number of followers / subscribers:
Youtube (HandOfBlood): 2.08M subscriber
Youtube2 (HandOfUncut): 790k subscriber

4. country / language:
Germany / German

5. why do i think AoC would be a good fit for this Content Creator?
at handofblood I personally would celebrate the most if he played AoC. on the one hand, he is still actively playing WOW classic (private) and on the other hand, he turns his videos into really good entertainment. he disguises himself, speaks and behaves like his game character to give the whole thing even more entertainment value. his uncut videos are also very popular in his community. his community will probably also be older (20+) as he often digs out very old games and these videos are very popular.

that was it. I hope I did well and others will join me and present other content creators that you want to see in the alpha test phase without NDA and describe them with the 5 points that I used (or more).
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