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I purchased the large pre order bundle and was wondering when and if I can get into pre testing I am an experienced gamer when it comes to mmos and all sorts of games. I am also very attentive to everything going on probably due to my time in the military is there any possibility on getting in on the pre testing before the alphas come out if I report every issue or bug I find to help this game and community. I have looked into a lot about the game and it looks extremely promising I would love to be apart of the growth here. Its time for a new winning MMO!


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    If you have recently purchased a pre-order bundle, the access granted with those is for Alpha 2. Alpha 1 is currently ramping up testing, so you have a bit of a wait before your access will begin.
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    Hi Crazyasspolok69

    As Unknown said, you likely have Alpha 2 access, however it's always good to check. You can do this by viewing your inventory in your Intrepid profile (see picture below):


    You can find the current testing schedule here:

    Please note, if you have access to Alpha 2, we currently don't have a date for that yet as it depends on how Alpha 1 testing goes.

    I hope that answers your question, so I'm going to move this thread to the support section and close it. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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