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[NA] LEVIATHAN | Hardcore | PvX | Competitive | 16+

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[About Us]

The leadership are ex-pro gamers/world class players looking to grow a brand new hardcore community.
Our goal is to be the best guild in the world.
Competing for world firsts.

[What We Offer]

Our leadership is extremely experienced . We have Professional Gaming experience with players reaching rank 1 world.
Potential sponsorship through TLG.
Organized PvP from players who have played competitvely since DAOC.
Organized PvE from players who have reached rank 1 world in their respective role.
A highly competitive environment where every player is motivated to be the best in the world.

[What We Expect]

Min-Max players Players striving to be the top of their class.
Players interested in participating in squad, Arena, Navel & large scale PVP.
Players who are able to properly and efficiently manage their playtime.
Spreadsheet nerds.
Players looking to expand their gaming portfolio and want to join a community striving to be the best in the world.
Players able to preform at a highly competitive level (in video games in general).
Experienced raiders.
Players who plan on power leveling at launch. Not Required
Alpha/Beta testers who want to get ahead of the curve. Not Required
16+ years old.
All regions in the world are welcome.

Join discord accept the rules of our discord and apply in the #applications channel.




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    Still looking for more players interested in being world class competitors

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    Still need players!

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