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So obviously this falls more on the devteam than community members, but hey, maybe they need ideas too. I want to make a thread about brainstorming what each class's augments will look like, and see how they might be applied. Spitball ideas, no matter how stupid you might think they are.

Remember that at present there are expected to be four augment types for each class. Explain your 'vision' of the class, so if other people read about your augments, they can try to follow your train of thought as to why those augments are the way they are. Try to define the "theme" of the augment, because remember the same augment can be applied to every other class' skills in the game. Obviously, because we don't know every class' skills in the game, we can't give exact mechanical effects, so the augment needs to have enough thematic elements in it help see how it would manifest in other skills. It should also be broad enough to where it could apply to everything from a Mage to a Fighter, since all augments are supposed to be able to apply to every class's skills. To top it off, try to give an example of it in action as it relates to a class's skills we already know about. Try to do it with both a martial and a magical archetype; if your description only really makes sense with one type of archetype, it needs a little work.

For example, the Rogue. When we think of Rogues in games, we usually think of opportunistic stealthy melee dps. They use poisons, and sneak around, they find traps. They're agile, they fight dirty, and they shank you when you least expect it. Here's how I think it's augments might look;

Venomous Arts - Exactly what it sounds like; using poison to help your skills. Worded to give it a slightly more applicability to spells in the case of a Primary archetype that is a spellcaster.
Example: Nightshield (Tank/Rogue) Longsword Combo augment effect: Poison damage over time. The DoT stacks with itself up to a point, making him more lethal the more he focuses on one target
Example 2: Shadow Caster (Mage/Rogue) Lava Storm Augment effect: Compounding poison damage over time effect. The longer they remain in the boiling pit of poison, the worse the DoT damage they take.

Shadow Mastery - Adding "stealthy" effects to abilities. Not sure how comfortable the team would be with non-rogues having any stealthing abilities at all, but this augment should focus on making skills interfere with perception or visibility in some way
Example: Shadow Disciple (Cleric/Rogue) Hallowed Ground augment effect: Allies in the circle's effect are stealthed for a few seconds, or until they use an ability, whichever comes first.
Example 2: Shadowblade (Fighter/Rogue) Rush augment effect: Provides stealth during the charge effect, and for another few seconds after the Rush connects with its target.
Example 3: Shadow Caster (Mage/Rogue) Blackhole augment effect: Enemies within the black hole effect have no vision beyond the black hole's area of effect for as long they remain within the black hole.

Skullduggery - 'Cheap' shots, hitting below the belt, all that dirty fighting type stuff. Adds opportunistic attacks to abilities. These should be characterized as conditional augments that apply some really good effect if the condition is met for the skill. Not sure if there couldn't be a better name.
Example: .Nightshield (Tank/Rogue) Javelin augment effect: If the target's back was turned to the Tank, this skill also snares the victim after any other status effects have resolved (so, if you have level 3 Javelin, the target is snared after the stun effect)
Example 2: Scout (Ranger/Rogue) Jump augment effect: At the beginning and the end of the Jump, any adjacent target that is stuck in a bear trap takes damage as if you had used Slice on them.
Example 3: Shadow Disciple (Cleric/Rogue) Benediction augment effect: The target of your heals receive a very brief buff (1-2 seconds long or so). If they receive damage from an enemy during that time, they steal a portion of hp from their attacker.

To be perfectly honest, I can't think of a decent fourth augment for Rogue. Maybe you can, though!

Effortposters, come share your thoughts.


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    What I think/hope will be augment schools for the classes:

    Rogue - Stealth, Bleed, Evasion, Armor Rend
    Fighter/Rogue with Bleed- Charges and inflicts on all enemies he travels through a bleed effect.

    Ranger - Poisons, Ranged, Slows, Mobility (something like a backflip maybe)
    Rogue/Ranger with Ranged - Backstab gets a 30m range

    Fighter - Parry, Life Leach, Armor Rend, Stun
    Fighter/Fighter with Parry - While you charge you get a parry effect that reflects ranged attacks for 25% of its original damage back to enemy.

    Bard - Buffs, Debuffs, Mobility, Evasion
    Rogue/Bard with Debuff - Backstab gets a debuff on it
  • Damokles wrote: »
    What I think/hope will be augment schools for the classes:

    Rogue - Stealth, Bleed, Evasion, Armor Rend

    I was thinking that, for the "Cultist" (Rogue/Cleric) - It might be interesting to have the 'Bleed' effect also be a means to replenish the Cultist's life.

    Sort of like how Artemis Entreri uses his vampiric dagger in the Forgotten Realms/Drizzt novels.
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    Damokles wrote: »

    See, the problem I foresee the devs running into, and the issue I see here, is that there's a lot of spillover between augments offered by these classes. Ostensibly, augments are supposed to be a way of mixing a second class's "flavor" into a primary class. But if you can't isolate something as being conceptually exclusive to a given class, it dilutes the flavor of that class, and those augments.

    For example, in this example you've given, both Rangers and Bards have "mobility" as an augment. I understand that when we think of Rangers and Bards in D&D, they are often characterized by light armor, by having movement abilities that exceed some other class's. But, say I went Tank/Ranger, and there was a Tank/Bard party member of mine. Suppose we both used "mobility" on our tank skills in the same way. Do you think it's right for a Tank/Ranger and a Tank/Bard to be completely identical, as they would be if they share the same conceptual augment?

    This is what makes it so tricky. You have to make *themes* that evoke the characteristics of the *class*, which should be exclusive, separate, and apart from *other* classes, and figure out gameplay effects afterwards.

    Incidentally, this is also why Summoner stands out to me as an archetype, because it's honestly thematically more defined by its secondary archetype than its primary one. There's so many different flavors of "summoner" out there; but when you strip away that "secondary class flavor," what does the primary summoner's augments look like?

    I hope they figure out a way to give the Summoner more flavor based on the game's lore. Otherwise, I worry that Summoner augments are going to feel very "off" and tacked on, because there won't be enough thematic elements to make a class that feels iconic, which will lead to its augments not feeling like the class they're supposed to embody elements of. "Summons stuff" only gets you so far when you're trying to make a class that feels iconic.
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    Summoner Augments:
    • Flank - bonus effect procs when another unit strikes the foe
    • Gargantuan - skill/ability hit box is larger
    • Frenzy - using a skill/ability within 2 seconds of it coming off cooldown triggers bonus effects
    • Sentience(Autonomy?) - ability/skill will auto-trigger when there is an appropriate target even if you are stunned/knocked down etc. [toggle on/off]
    • Echo - skills/abilities are weaker but strike twice (more for Bard augments?)

    Tank Augments:
    • Sturdy - you cannot be interrupted and take reduced damage while casting this skill/ability
    • Presence - skills/abilities generate more threat/taunt enemies
    • Impact - knock down chance on skill/ability
    • Resilience - increased cooldown on skill/ability, the ability can be used to break free from cc
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    @maouw wouldn't echo be bard?
  • maouwmaouw Member
    Warth wrote: »
    @maouw wouldn't echo be bard?

    In my mind, I was thinking of a mirror image of yourself casting the spells.
    But it does sound more Bardy, doesn't it?
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  • maouw wrote: »
    Warth wrote: »
    @maouw wouldn't echo be bard?

    In my mind, I was thinking of a mirror image of yourself casting the spells.
    But it does sound more Bardy, doesn't it?

    I think that it fits the summoner better, but yes it would also fit the bard.
  • Here's my ideas for the first two classes.


    1. Weapon Mastery: increase attack cone for all weapons and crit chance on strike and skill. Wepon skills have increased crit chances depending on nature of skill.

    2. Martial Focus: small constant health regen effect while in battle, some skills can increase the health regen rate temporarily while others put the regen on cooldown in order to proc extra damage or activate a CC effect.

    3. Berserker: increased attack speed and damage at the expense of reduced armor. Skills can proc armor rend.

    4. Relentless: subsequent strikes or skills in short succession create short duration damage buff that grows as the number of strikes or skills increases (to some predetermined maximum). Subsequent strikes shortly after inital proc renew the effect.


    1. Defenders Resolve: increased block chance, elemental resistance and armor. Skills can proc armor buff against damage and add protection against CC effects.

    2. Inescapable Figure: skills and attacks induce rage in enemies that focus on the tank more greatly as that rage level grows. Enraged enemies take more damage from the tank.

    3. Imposing Figure: attacks have a small chance to proc fear and the tank does additional damage to foes afflicted by fear, skills can also proc fear. Fear in this context is a damage reduction debuff that lasts for a short time.

    4. Insurmountable: Tank receives a health boon that increases maximum health the longer they are in combat. Skills can speed up this process, or sacrifice some of the boon for adding damage or effects.
  • Two more classes:


    1. Knife Trick: Increased attack speed and damage while wielding short bladed weapons. Skills have effects that increase attack speed, damage, and crit chance further.

    2. Serpents kiss: Strikes have small chance to proc selected poison (DoT, mana loss, or paralytic). Skills induce stacks of the poison above, multiply stacks, or extend duration of stacks.

    3. Smoke and mirrors: Extends duration of all stealth/invisibility effects. Strikes while invisible or to a foe's back deal additional damage. Skills can proc invisibility, and misdirection (minor stun allowing for repositioning at opponents back).

    4. Bloodletting: Attacks can proc bleed on hit causing minor DoT. Attacks against bleeding targets have damage bonus. Skills increase bleed stacks, extend duration of existing stacks, or remove stacks in exchange for spike damage (obviously spike damage is a reduced amount then if the DoT was allowed to play out).


    Marksmanship: Increased attack speed while wielding a ranged weapon and small chance at ranged attack ricochet. Ranged damage has small armor penetration effect. Skills create stacks of 'eye of the marksman' which increases ranged attack and skill damage for each stack and can be sacrificed for tremendous damage skills.

    Field expert: Increased resistance to CC effects from foes and increases the effectiveness of the rangers CC skills and those of all allies within a predetermined range. Traps also receive this benefit. Skills proc slow, stun, silence, and snare effects.

    Trapper: Traps do additional damage, last longer, have extended AOE areas, and have their effects extended. Enemies suffer from extended trap effects when afflicted by more than one trap type.

    Natures Warden: Increased elemental resistance. Strikes can proc elemental payload based on selection causing minor elemental damage effects. Skills proc elemental payload with enhanced effects.

  • I think if Intrepid can state four things that each Primary Archetype (hereafter "PAT") is known for (like the three word summary for each race) then it would be a lot easier for Secondary Archetypes (hereafter "SAT") to pick one of those four things and get a relevant set of augments from it.

    Some PATs have overlapping fields in classical RPGs (eg. Ranger and Rogue; Stealth and Traps) but from what I have read in the preliminary wiki content AoC Rangers don't have Stealth and AoC Rogues don't have traps. That is absolutely fine, there's nothing to say that an AoC archetype has to comply with the general MMO precedent or individual expectation.

    I love seeing everyone's ideas, accepting that capability creepage of your favored PAT (outside it's normally expected remit) is par for the course! I think the old RPG-ing adage was "If you could argue with God for a better deal, would you?" ("Hell yeah!" is the answer!)

    Hopefully some of these ideas will resonate with Steven's PAT/SAT/class capability scope and we will see them in game.
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