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[NA] Clan KaiVek | Hardcore PvP & PvE | ORC

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Community Leader: Dru'Kal
Time-zone: ALL Time Zones (Primarily US)
What We Will Do: Set out on a CONQUEST to conquer Verra
Looking For: Council Members(Hardcore) & Clan Members(Casual)

I am Dru'Kal true descendent of Ran'Kal. I have answered the call of the protection, of the Divine Order. And now ask for others orcs to unite as a one. & with this Divine Order I believe that it is the will of the gods that all Orc kind should have superiority over the nations of Verra. I Dru'Kal will lead and unite all orc kind in a conquest across the lands of Verra! I do plan to gain superiority throughout Verra through any means. Whether it be peacefully or through warfare.

Currently allied with The Raiders Clan!
In the Raiders I am Band Master of the "Onyx Tusk"
The Onyx Tusk are the special forces of the Raiders clan
Only the elite of the tribe will be permitted to join!
I Dru'Kal am not only looking for those to join me in the "Onyx Tusk" Division but as well as those with the same orc ideology as myself to join my clan (Clan Kai'vek) in conquest to build and strengthen the node!


Honor. Celestial.
Power. Purpose.
Tranquility. Fate.

- ORC FIRST, Kaivek clan member will HONOR all orcs as family & are to be treated as such, till provoked otherwise.
(all members of clan kaivek will be team players not only to clan but all orcs, unless provoked to due other wise)

LAW II - It is a duty of those in Clan Kaivek to maintain their CELESTIAL mindset above all else.
(your real life will come first, we understand and wish that you come conquer verra with us when you can)

LAW III - We members of Clan Kaivek should intrust all of a POWER into answering the protection of the Divine Order
(it is our duty as a clan to not only strengthen ourselves but all orcs and as well as the nod in name of conquering all of verra)

LAW IV - All those in Clan Kaivek will follow the Clan Leader and those of the Councils rule with PURPOSE. Those who wish to lead will all have a opportunity to become leaders through ancient Kaivek traditions.
(those participating through various variables and other things will have a chance to lead, further info will be released)

LAW V - We in Clan Kaivek believe in TRANQUILITY and those who disrupt the peace of the clan. Will have to answer to the Clan Leader and Counsel.
(no drama if there is a problem, higher ups will try to resolve it through various actions)

LAW VI - I Clan Leader Dru'Kai believe it is FATE that you have pledge allegiances to the Clan, and as I will give you my all I have faith you'll do the same. FOR THE CLAN!!!!
(myself will be throwing all into this clan and game and if you join i wish whatever it is you can give this game/clan i hope you give it your all but most importantly, LETS HAVE FUN DOING SO!)

(Some other things of the clan we are welcoming of all ages and all calibers of players. We are also not a orc only clan, we are a ORC FIRST clan. I also wish for the clan not to be just brute strength all out warfare I do wish to be diplomatic in affairs' that can be, prior to resorting to war. Im doing this all myself and would love to find and surround myself with others willing to help also those with more experience in this kind of thing. The clan and myself will be node first but also, obviously will be committed to whatever you deem is necessary as a member as whether that be the story or leveling up your charter we will back you I/we just expect you to do the same in backing us when needed.

Pledge your loyalty on Discord!
Feel free to DM on Discord: drukai#0356 if you have any questions.
I am more than understanding about alot of things feel free to msg me about ideas you have to better the clan or txt im all ears and want to have a awesome time in ashes of creation!


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