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Ashes of Creation Card Game - Over 235 Cards, Version 1.6 (Combat Update) Playable Alpha - Fan Made

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Welcome. This is the post for my fan made Ashes of Creation themed Card Game. This card game is fully playable on Table Top Simulator. This is a non-profit fan made project and all the art was drawn (badly) by me or is owned by Intrepid. The objecting in making this game was to cram in as many Ashes of Creation references as possible and as a result is probably not very good. I hope you enjoy. If you like reading patch nodes there is a lot of them in my posts in this thread.

I have noticed most of my imgur links are now broken. Because it would be a lot of work to fix them I am going to wait until I actually update cards to fix the links. I am not sure that will happen before A2 to add in card art/pictures.

Update 1.6 notes have been posted. This was a massive undertaking with over 200 cards being changed. Some with all new effects and others with minor wording changes. There is new adjacent effects and unit movement between the front line (to defend the caravan) and a backline( to defend the node.)


The features of this game include:

-4 Node Cards, one for each of the node types. Each node Type represents 2 Archetypes.
-At least 1 card for each of the 64 classes.
-Caravans that are used to attain victory by leveling your Node.
-Front Line and Back Line based combat with unit movement and positioning.
-Management of Materials and Essence.
-Positional based buffs
-Way to many card effects
-Equipment cards
-Augment cards
-Many skill cards or 1 time effect cards
-Basic and Special Resources
-Unit cards that are focused on gaining more resources (Gatherers and processors)
-Many themes and synergies including cards that represent the seedy underbelly of the Economic node or the equipment based Military node.
-Deck building variety

The game does not include:

-Card picture art (Will work on this when it is more finalized0
-A professional level of polish
-My sanity

Game Concept and overview:

The objective of the game is to Level your Node up to stage 6 (Metro). The first person to reach stage 6 is the winner. As you obtain stages you gain bonuses listed on the Node Card you selected when making a deck.

You gain levels by using loading your Caravan with resources and sending it to your node. While the Caravan is traveling it is vulnerable to attack. The choice between attacking, bolstering defense, and loading your caravan is the core gameplay loop of this game.

There is a secondary objective to destroy the opposing node defense to loot their node and gain a boost to your own node levels.

Here is a google Sheet of all the cards. Just hover over the box to see the card's stats and effects

The easiest way to look at all the cards is probably this

If intrepid is unhappy with anything I have done using their IP now or in the Future I would be happy to take everything down immediately no questions asked.

Card Examples:

More Information on how to play is below. Feel Free to DM me on Discord if you have any questions. Lash#1803. I can be found on the Ashes of Creation Discord as well. I probably left out a lot of details so ask me anything.

I added a Steam Workshop upload for Table Top Simulator. You can make a deck using TTS deck Builder.

Card Albums:
Nodes and base game Pieces

Contingencies - usable at any time

Rites - Usable during Preparation when no other action is taking place.

Freeholds - Persistent field effects

Production Units - Used to convert resources into usable materials

Equipment and Augments - Used to modify Units on the field.

Resources - Basic Resource cards and Specialty Resources

Gold -
Talisman -
Research -
Steel -

Dual Type Units: Units that share 2 material types. 8 of each color Plus production Units
Talisman-Steel -
Steel-Research -
Research-Talisman -
Research-Gold -
Gold-Talisman -
Gold-Steel -
Production -


List of Cards and Type:

Let me know if any of the links are not working.

This project has taken way to long for something only I care about and that is ok. I had fun making it and even if I have to delete it I have no regrets. I have learned a lot about game design while working on this on and off for over a year now.

Testing notes:

-Current Score to win that is being tested is 20. Starting at 2 levels to gain stage 2. Then increasing by 1 level per stage. 2, 5, 9, 14, 20 levels for Stages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
-Need to keep testing Resource Generation values and Essence ability cost.
-Starting basic resources are currently all the same based on node. This might make it to difficult to make dual color decks. However it is less confusing and opens up more interesting node card design in the future.


  • This is great! I know you've been working on it a while so it's cool to see it in a playable state. I think the premise is pretty solid - having to level a node via caravans while also allocating resources to its defense seems like a fun set of strategic choices to make.

    I think the google doc containing your list of cards has not yet been published - I can't view it at any rate.

    What are your recommendations for testing? Do you have any thoughts about what a good starter deck might be? And what sort of feedback might you be interested in at this point?
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    I think I fixed the card list. Unfortunately the card list was made using notes on the document and I do not know how to publish it with the notes.This link should let you see the card notes.

    The most obvious synergies with the cards are in the gold cards. The scoundrels are made to work with the Charlatan as it greatly buffs them. There is a few other cards that work with scoundrels. There is also some synergies with the Track mechanic. There is a card that lets to add the tracked card to your hand. Tracking is basically looking at the top card of your deck but if you use it more than once at the same time you can place the cards back in any order.

    In order to test this I am going to see if I can get permission to upload the cards to tabletop simulator. I do not want to do it without permission.

    In terms of feedback I just would love to hear some general thoughts. I am aware it is not easy to test a game like this.
  • Suh-weet!

    Looking at this stuff the moment I get home. Thank you - was hoping someone with game-dev experience would whip up some "pre-games"!
  • YAY I am so glad to see you got this posted up, I know it's been a huge undertaking for you! <3 Think I mentioned this to you earlier but I'd love to see this in a simulated situation as well, so folks can test out the cards and play!

    I can't wait to see how you expand this further with more art moving forward! :smiley:
  • I added a Board with Game Pieces and Rules to Tabletop Simulator. You can make a deck with TTS Deck Builder. Let me know if there is any issues with the board or uploading a deck.
  • Wow! Congrats! The project looks very good :blush:
  • Not sure if this is possible but could this card game be implemented in the game?
    @Lashing really impressive work!
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    Version 1.1 Update
    In this update I focused on fleshing out the resources. There is 16 new resource cards with a variety of effects. Most of these effects will either make it easier to play dual color decks or specific theme decks.

    New Resource Cards

    There is a new Node Defense Mechanic. Instead of defeating the enemy node being a win condition you will gain Node levels to your Node and reduce some levels of the defeated player. This node defense can be defeated repeatedly. The Numbers are first pass

    The other major change is a Trailblazer Production Unit. You start the game with this Unit and you may Pay Essence to Summon more. These units can either be used to produce materials or used to attack and block if needed. They are not efficient cost wise but should help with production issues.

    I fixed Various Typos as well.
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    Version 1.2 Update
    I finished adding in some more diverse Production Units. These new cards include 1 for each base class and 2 for each dual color type for a total of 20 new cards. 4 of the old Production Units were also remade to make them unique.
    Link to all the new Cards
    Here is a small preview

    I also added a new rule clarifying Control.
    The rule Concerning Production Units not having the New Arrival Restriction has been removed. The Trailblazer has Jolt to indicate that it is specifically not restricted.
    I updated the collection of Companion cards with the 2 new companions.
    The basic 1 cost production unit's cost was changed from 1 essence cost to its color material cost. This is because the trailblazer unit change.

    With the new collection of Production Units and new Resource Cards it should be a lot more of a choice when building out your production in your deck.
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    UPDATE 1.3 Notes

    Uploaded 4 starter Decks to the TableTop Simulator board and removed the old testing decks. There is 1 for each node type. The main focus of each deck is to test specific mechanics so they are not necessarily as good as they could be. Link to TTS

    The Deck Themes:
    Military - Equipment
    Economic - Scoundrels
    Divine - Bards
    Scientific - Gift of the Magi

    This Update focuses on enhancing augments with more options and a buffed recite ability. Freehold should be a more attractive option now but there is a way to destroy them.

    Changed Recite to also work with the first Augment Played per turn
    - Cards changed - Chant, Busker, Tellsword, and Paladin

    Reworded the effect on Shadecaller

    Added a few more Augment Cards to fill out the options:
    - Interchange: Shield Charges on augmented Unit are Attack Charges. Attack Charges on augmented Unit are Shield Charges 2T
    - Surmount: When outnumbered while Attacking, augmented Unit gains a Shield Charge. 1T
    - Spark: When Augmented Unit dies in Combat return it to your hand. This Augment is destroyed. 2T

    Modified the Node Defense to give an Option of Stealing node levels or destroying an opposing freehold.

    Added more Freehold Cards and rebalanced the existing ones.
    - Change cost on Concert hall to 4T
    - Change Cost of Smithery to 4S
    - Remove Essence Cost on the 4 Resource Freeholds
    - Reduce Cost of Companion Accelerator to 2R
    - All 4 Resource freeholds have had their Essence cost removed.

    New Freehold Cards:
    - Intensifying Beacon: Augmented Units on your Field gain +1 Health Exhaust: Change the Bonus Health to Attack this Turn. 3T
    - Scrap Yard: When your Caravan is Destroyed add a Bonus Steel to your Next Caravan. Exhaust and remove 2 Steel from your Caravan to give your Caravan a Shield Charge. 3S
    - Formation Arch: Exhaust with Long Maintenance to store a Rite or Contingency from your hand in this Freehold. Exhaust to use a stored Rite or Contingency and send it to the graveyard. Stored Rites may only be used during Preparation. 5R
    - Overlook: Exhaust with Long Maintenance to allow a target Ranger Unit to Attack while Exhausted. 3G
    - General Store 3X: All Materials in a Caravan count as the Suitable Type for Node levels. If you gain 3 or more Unsuitable Materials in 1 turn you may put General Store on the Field from your Hand

    Resource Card Changes:
    -Changed Commander’s Stash and Volcanic Mountain to add the Cannot be loaded into the Caravan restriction. This was because these cards were good in every deck even if you did not need their effect.
    -Changed Alternative Accounting to only count as any Unsuitable Basic Resource for the same reason as above.

  • Dude, this project of yours just keeps getting cooler! Thanks for doing this. I just wish there was a bigger pool of art to draw upon, at this point.

  • @Tyranthraxus Yeah the art is going to take a while. I was using some concept art for it but I realized there was not near enough. My current plan is to use only in game screen shots to have consistency. That plan delays it a lot however.
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    Update 1.4 Resource Overhaul

    I finally fixed the core issue that was plaguing me the whole process of making this game (I hope). The game should be much better overall and easier to balance.

    Changed the core Resource mechanic to be more simple. Changed all the resource cards and production unit cards. Should make deck building more dynamic and you will no longer be dependent on luck to gain resources. Resources and production units put in a deck still give a bonus but are no longer mandatory. There is a new rule for attacking (ganking) a production unit if there are no Normal units to defend.

    64 card changes and Revamped the 4 Node Cards.
    The full notes for card changes are on the google sheets page.

    Resource Changes:

    Resource Cards
      -You start the game with 5 exhausted basic Resources on the field. These can be any type you choose. -At the start of the game you unexhaust 1 resource a turn during maintenance step. The amount of resources unexhausted may change depending on other cards in play or based on node level. -You may Spend 1 Essence to unexhaust a resource card. -You may have any number of basic resources in your deck. Non-basic resource cards have the normal deck limit. -Unless stated otherwise a resource must replace an existing resource that is already in play. -Only 1 resource may be put into play per turn. -A resource will enter play unexhausted even if you replace an exhausted resource unless stated otherwise.

    -When a material is gained it must be used. A caravan may only be loaded with a resource if the action queue is empty. You must declare that you are loading the Caravan before exhausting a resource (You may not redirect a Material in a response to your opponent’s actions) If you Exhaust a Resource and do not use the Material to either play a card, activate an effect, or load the caravan the material is lost.
    -Unexhausting a resource with Essence is instant and ignores the Action Queue.
    -Gaining a Material by exhausting a resource is instant and ignores the Action Queue unless you are loading the Caravan.

    General Changes

    -Removed the Trailblazer Unit because it is no longer necessary. I might add it back in a different form if I feel the need for more things to spend essence on.
    -Changed the node defense to state that you may exhaust an opposing Resource and put its corresponding material into your Caravan.
    -List of Cards that were changed to reflect the new Resource Mechanics.
    -Changed the 4 node cards to reflect the new Resource Mechanics.
    -Scoundrel Units received a small rework on stats and the Charlatan interaction.
    -Updated the Table Top Sim board to reflect the new changes
    The board no longer has starter decks because they are outdated. I will add starter decks if I get around to making some. I updated the rules in the notebook to reflect the changes. The updated node cards and a set of 10 of each basic Resource are placed on the side to people can pick the 5 they need to start.
    -Updated all the imgur links to have the new cards.
    -Updated card list to show all the changes

    Caravan Attack Changes

    If you succeed in an Attack on a Caravan and destroy it you may unexhaust up to 3 of your own units that were involved in the attack.
    -You may pay 1 Essence to unexhaust a unit that was involved in an attack on a Caravan that failed to destroy the Caravan.

    Production Unit targeting rule

    If you have no non-production units on your field, your Production units may be targeted directly by an attacker. The Attacker selects 1 production unit as a target and one of their units as the attacker. Other production Units may defend. If there is no defense, normal damage calculations take place even if the target is Exhausted. The Attacker may not attack the node or the departed caravan if they choose to target a Production Unit.

    I have a lot more ideas for new Freehold and Unit cards I came up with when designing this rework. I will probably save them in case I ever feel like making an expansion. I have been making these updates for myself so that is why this one took so long. I knew there was core issues and it took a while to think of a solution. Implementing it is a huge time sink in itself outside of design work.
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    Spent a bit of time to add some very basic art to the board for Table Top Simulator.
    Edit: Added some foliage
    Here is the link to the steam workshop. There is 3 basic testing decks already on the board.
  • VirtekVirtek Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Still keeping an eye on this one. Please do keep working on it!
    Excited to see how this develops further
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    Nexus Gaming
  • AshesCreationAshesCreation Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This looks nice. always been a fan of card games. Really hope this turns out well.
  • Were the cards created with MSE?
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    NullaAmet wrote: »
    Were the cards created with MSE?

    I taught myself how to use inkscape. I did not know about MSE when I started this or I probably would have tried to use it instead.
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    Update 1.5 Production Overhaul & Playability upgrades

    This update focuses a lot on fixing some small balance issues along with an overhaul on the Base production Units. After the Resource changes I left the production units in a bad state with too many repeated effects that made them boring cards to use. The new effects are all unique but generally accomplish the same goals but in different ways. I also included many new game pieces for the TableTop Simulator board to add flavor and playability.

    Overview and General Changes

    -Added Stealth Overlay cards to indicate if a Unit still has stealth active.
    -Added Corruption Overlay Cards
    -Added to all nodes that the first person to reach stage 1 and 3 draws a card.
    -Added new Caravan Cards that indicate their new effects from node stages.
    -Corruption Rule for companions → Companion is destroyed at the end of the turn when corrupted but does not lose stats
    -Switched Essence and Resource generation (banking resources will cap much faster)
    -Change Stage 1 and 3 of all node cards to indicate Resource/Essence Change. (change notebook)
    -Add rule to clarify that Companions always take damage first when blocking with its summoner
    -Change rule for caravan life calculation (Now 1+ Base Resource regen*2) It is the same value as before.
    -Added rule for minimum Materials requirements to send a Caravan. Based on Resource Regeneration. (1/2/3)
    -Change Node Defense to grant 12 node levels (Testing) (Stealing points does not reduce last reached stage)
    -Changed the base production units to all be unique again. They now fit into 3 categories.
    -One time use.
    -Resource card utility for decks that have extra resources in them.
    -Offensive units that are efficient if you can keep them alive through attacks.
    -Changed the 4 Freeholds that granted node levels to be unique. (Shrine, Analysis Chamber, Trade Outpost, and Refinery all now have unique effects.)

    Updated Card List with all the Changes.

    New Cards: 18 New card effects total including the new Freehold and Production Units
    -Added 2 new equipment cards because the options were lacking
    -Chipped Edge sword (General attack buff that rewards breaking the weapon)
    -Short Blade (Attack Charge buff that requires an already equipped Unit)

    -Added a Neutral New Freehold with the old effect for the 4 node specific freeholds that all had the same effect.
    -Groundwork (Sacrifice Resource Generation to instantly grand node levels)

    Modified Cards and Misc. wording changes:

    -Magician (Changed from replacing a blocking unit to an attacking Unit that was blocked)
    -Racketeer (Node->Node Defense)
    -Burglar (Node->Node Defense) (1 gold -> put 2 gold into Caravan)
    -Mugger (1 gold -> put 2 gold into Caravan)
    -Shady Dealer (2 Gold->1Gold)
    -Pick Pocket (Added stealth bonus effect)
    -Serviceman (Changed effect to attacking a caravan and unexhaust a mine Resource, Reduced Health by 1)
    -Forged Shipping Notice (Cost reduced to 1G and added an effect to ignore minimum resource requirements)
    -Warlock (Changed detonate to target damaged Unit or caravan, Increased warlock attack to 2)
    -SongCaller (Added effect If this Unit is affected by a Song, Trigger Companion Summon., Increased attack by 1)
    -Brood Warden (Changed the stats around slightly. Added missing Wyrmling Companion card)
    -Demolition Mace (Changed from 0 damage if blocked to - 2 damage)
    -Oracle (Changed to be less powerful if you target a caravan that has not departed)
    -Conjurer (Added an on Death effect to this Unit to make it useful even if Grand Summon is not used)
    -Predator (Fixed typo)
    -Prayer to Creation (Reduced Cost by 1 Essence)
    -Expedition Outpost (Made Unique)
    -Muster and Arm (Reduced Steel Cost by 1 and Units requirement by 1)
    -Refinery (Added new effect, Bonus Caravan Steel based on Production Units)
    -Analysis Chamber (Added a new effect, A bonus effect for Units being summoned)
    -Trade Outpost (Added a new effect, Caravan Gold Generation)
    -Shrine (Added a new effect, Gain a bonus effect for Vow and Prayer Cards)
    -Smithery (Changed to specify only the owner’s Equipment is affected)

    Production Unit Changes:

    -Monk (Temple Resource Draw effect)
    -Postulant (Spend Essence to unexhaust many Resources at once)
    -Abbot (Pacifist monk that gains Attack Charges with Recite and consumes them to gain Talisman while blocking)
    -Boffin (Bonus Research in Caravan for Libraries entering the field.)
    -Student (Gain Corruption to Unexhaust Resources)
    -Vanguard (An all or nothing Offense Unit, Attack on the turn it is summoned or you lose the effect)
    -Trapper (Track Bonus and a Gold bonus for Replacing a Hunt)
    -Woodsman (Charges that double the effect of a basic Resource, Attacks each turn if has no charges)
    -Shikari (Stealthing Unit that is encouraged to attack, Breaking Stealth loads the Caravan.)
    -Metallurgist (Equipment Durability Restore for destroyed Mines and a Bonus Steel for destroyed Equipment)
    -Apprentice (Enters Exhausted to increase passive Resource Gain)
    -Maven Renamed to Custodian (Loads the Caravan but must defend the Caravan it loaded.)

    Additional Changes. 1.5.1

    Change to Essence:

    I wanted to make sure Essence is not just a 1 to 1 for materials. I am increasing the cost to unexhaust a resource to 2 Essence. This will have a few side effects. The essence effect that replaces a material but the unit gains corruption will now be a more attractive option in a pinch. To balance this I am increasing essence gain per turn and changing the essence cap.

    The current rate I am testing is 2 starting Essence per turn and increasing it by 1 at stage 3. It does reduce the materials at stage 3 to 4.5 instead of 5 but if a card has an Essence cost it will be more efficient than before. The new essence cap is 4 or 6. The cost to draw a card with Essence is increased by 1 to make it 4. This will ensure you cannot draw a bonus card every turn.

    Minor Changes:

    -Changed Essence abilities display on TTS
    -Make sure to specify that Essence effect to draw a card may only be used on your own turn.

    Additional Card Changes:

    -All 4 node cards have had wording changes for Essence gain.
    -Guardian (Reduced Essence cost and increased Steel cost)
    -Postulant (Now pay 2 Essence)
    -Infuse Essence (Increased Material Cost)
    -Reckless Abandon (Increased Essence cost by 1)
    -Enrage (Increased Essence Cost by 1)
    -Essence Collector (Increased Remnant Charge requirement to 6)
    -Trickster (Removed the death mechanic and replaced it with the unit becoming a scoundrel if it does not have civilian)
    -Bulwark (Increased Steel Cost and removed Essence cost)
    -Shadow Guardian (Changed wording on effect because stealth is not broken until after damage step)
    -Guild Master (Reduced Health by 1)
    -Minstrel (Changed wording on ability. Made it a song so it interacts with other song effects)
    -Companion Accelerator (Now also gives companions +1 Health on the turn they are summoned)
    -Game Trail (Changed to work with tracking)
    -Nightspell (Changed wording and changed it so it only gives initiative to itself.)
    -Shadow Caster (Changed Effect to give an Attack Charge if attacking while Stealthed)
    -Shadow Lord (Reduced attack by 1)
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    Update 1.6 Combat overhaul

    TLDR: This update was to resolve my long standing issue with the way combat worked in the game. Resource Generation has also changed again to fit the new rules. Combat now involves unit positioning and group based attacking. To do this there is now a front line and a back line. The front line protects the caravan and the back line protects the node defense. After attacking, the opponent gets the opportunity to counter attack assuming they still have units alive. You may move units between the lines and gain adjacent buff effects by positioning units near each other. All node cards have been updated to reflect new rules and resource generation changes.

    *This involved changing over 200 cards and is probably extremely unbalanced*

    The Rules and Keywords on Table Top Sim have been updated.

    There is new board art to reflect the front line and back line functionality.

    Misc rule changes:

    -Lines/Lanes and limited Unit Spaces (5 Units per Line is the limit) Units played when the field is full are placed in reserve in the node. They are sent to the field in the play order when a space opens up.
    -Front line and back line
    -Caravan runs between the lines. The front liners can block for the caravan and the back liners.
    -Back line cannot be the target of an attack if there is a front line or caravan in the front line.
    -The back line cannot block the Caravan but can block the node defense.
    -Once a turn a player may move a Unit from one lane to another. They may pay 1 Essence to move additional Units. The same Unit may not be moved twice in the same Turn with the essence Effect. (Other card effects may move a Unit multiple times). Movement from these methods must take place During Preparation step. Movement may also be used to move a unit once space left or right of its current location.

    -The companion takes up the same Unit space as the Summoner when in the Front line and optionally does when the Summoner is in the Back Line.
    -A summoner in the Back Line may move its Companion to the Front Line if there is a free space in the Lane. (Normal Move restrictions Apply)
    -If there is no free space the Companion takes up the same space in the Line
    -When a Summoner/Companion are both in the front line and the Attacker decides to Target them, The companion is targeted First and the Summoner is Targeted Second. The Attacker must Target both and Cannot switch to a new Target unless the Summoner dies. If a Summoner has multiple Companions the defender picks the order they block in.

    -The 5 columns on the field. Some effects can only target things in the same lane as itself.
    -Adjacent Lanes are the 2 lanes next to the lane the card is played in. The lanes on the edges only have 1 adjacent lane.
    -Example of some card effects for Lanes
    -Resources in the same lane also generate X (Steel ect)
    -Opposing Units in same Lane have -1 Attack
    -1 Allied Unit in an Adjacent Lane may move behind this Unit if this Unit is in the front row.

    -1 movement means the unit can move 1 space on the field including diagonals. If a unit is surrounded by allied units it cannot be moved with a normal movement ability. The normal movement ability is the one that is free per turn or is a generic essence ability.
    -The normal movement ability cannot be activated outside of the preparation step during your own turn. However other movement effects may be activated during combat if they have the appropriate action speed.
    -Exhausted units cannot be moved with the Essence effect but may be moved by an effect.
    -You may move a unit without paying a cost by corrupting the Unit.

    Combat step:

    Exhausted Units:
    -Exhausted Units can still be targeted for an attack if they are in the defending line. An exhausted unit does not add its attack to the counterattack. Exhausted units in the attacking line do not add their damage to the attack pool. They can still be targeted with a counterattack.

    Production Unit ability:
    -During combat a production unit can exhaust and move 1 space to another line if there is room. This will remove the production unit from combat.


    -Attacker declares they are attacking either the node or the Caravan.
    -Attacker decides what line they are attacking with. All non-exhausted units in the selected line attack.
    -When attacking effects trigger after deciding to attack a caravan or a node for the Units in the Line attacking.

    -Attack is pooled together. Damage is dealt by selecting a target and assigning a value of to subtract from the attack pool to deal damage. If the target dies the remaining attack pool value damages an additional target Unit. Attack points remaining in the Damage pool are then dealt to the Caravan if Targeting the Caravan and there are no remaining Units in the Front Line that are a viable attack target.

    -When targeting a Unit for an Attack the attacker assigns a value from the attack pool to hit the Unit with. Once this value is assigned it is deducted from the attack pool. It is then locked in on that target with that set value. If the defender gives the target a shield charge for example and the attacker did not assign an extra damage the defending unit will survive the attack. The attacker cannot target a Unit a second time during an attack.

    -When a new target is selected to take damage it counts as a new action in the action queue. If attack or health values change they are recalculated based on the current target. Previously killed targets cannot be saved after the damage step is resolved and out of the action queue unless via a specific card effect.
    -If an attacker is removed from combat via a move effect or by dying to an effect their attack is removed from the combat pool total even if some of it was already spent killing a blocker.

    -When a Summoner/Companion are both in the front line and the Attacker decides to Target them, The companion is targeted First and the Summoner is Targeted Second. The Attacker must Target both and Cannot switch to a new Target unless the Summoner dies.


    -Defender’s back line can activate effects and the attacker’s row that is not attacking can activate effects.
    -If Defender has no front line, the attacker can directly hit the Caravan with no blockers. If the node was targeted the defender may choose to defend with their back line instead of their front. An exhausted unit cannot counterattack.
    -Defending is when a line is being subjected to an attack. Blocking is when an individual Unit is being targeted by an attack and damaged.
    -Damage Calculation
    -Attacker Decides Attack Order Unless Defender has a Unit with Hated
    -Defense units that remain alive after being Targeted by an attack may do a counterattack on the line that Targeted them. The Counterattack works the same way as a normal Attack would. A Counterattack cannot be countered unless stated otherwise. Attack Charges are not consumed during a counterattack nor added to the damage pool. Equipment is not used during a counterattack unless it has counterattack specific effects.

    -There can be effects that only activate during a counterattack (Such as a Unit that joins any counterattack regardless of the line it is in)
    -If a Caravan has gained attack via attack charges or another card effect and it survives an attack, its attack value will be added to the counterattack damage pool.

    Resource and Essence Changes:

    -Changed Resource generation to a generic number. The player decides if they are going to unexhaust a resource or gain an essence per turn based on their Resource Generation Value. This Value can be modified via card effects and by node level.

    -Essence is uncapped. If your node defense is destroyed you may lose half of your banked essence if your opponent selects that ability so be wary of banking too much.

    -Start with exhausted Resources based on Node Card. There are 5 resource slots. If there is an empty resource slot you may play a Resource card to that slot without replacing an existing resource. The resource slots do not apply to special resources that do not need to replace an existing resource.

    -Examples of Resource Generation Usage:
    -Example. 5 Resource gen. Unexhaust 3 resources and gain 2 essence.
    -Example 5 Resource gen. Unexhaust 0 resources and gain 5 essence.
    -Example 5 Resource gen but already have 4 unexhausted resources. Unexhaust 1 resource and automatically gain 4 essence.

    -Changed Phases to indicate that you draw before you gain resources to allow for turn planning.

    New Essence Effects: May only be used during your turn

    1 Essence:
    +Move a Unit 1 space.
    +Remove one Material from the cost of a Unit. The unit enters the field corrupted.

    2 Essence:
    +Target Basic Resource generates an additional Material. May only be used once a turn.
    +Recover a Basic Resource Card from your Graveyard and add it to the Top of the Deck.

    3 Essence:
    +Draw a Card
    +Gain an additional Resource Generation next turn.

    (Added a new Essence Effect card to display the effects)


    -Freeholds now are limited to 2 per line for a total of 4 freeholds on your side of the field. Some freeholds will only apply their effects to the line they are in. Other freeholds will lower your resource generation as part of their per turn cost (Upkeep)


    -Increased damage does not count as Attack power.
    -Reduced damage taken does not count as Health. Damage is reduced before Health is reduced and before Shield Charges are consumed.


    -A successful counterattack is a counterattack that is >0, You cannot add extra damage to an attack with 0 power.
    -X Counterattack Damage. (Adds counter damage to a counterattack that is not 0)


    -Equipment is placed on a specific field position on the board. It does not move normally. When a Unit is in the same position as an equipment the unit is considered equipped and gains the effects of the equipment card.
    -Action speed for being considered Equipped is Contingency speed.

    ** Note for Implementarian effect. Because a Summoner and its companion are attacked at the same time the death of the companion is resolved at the same time as the summoner. A Unit with Implementarian will automatically resummon its companion if the companion dies but the summoner doesn’t.

    -A equipment that is not equipped has no effects outside of the effect to restore Durability.
    -Durability is reduced based on the equipment type.
    -A weapon losing durability when attacking.
    -A counterattack based equipment would lose durability when counterattacking. By default equipment does not have an effect during a Counterattack.
    -A shield would lose durability on defense.
    -To change what unit is equipped simply move the new unit into the space with the equipment.
    -Equipment is destroyed if its durability reaches 0.


    -Augments will remain on the unit they are attached to even if that unit moves.
    -The Unit gains the effect on the augment.

    Caravan Changes:

    -Resources loaded into the Caravan are now considered generic once they are loaded to make it easier to understand. 1 Resource of any kind gives your node 1 level. Effects that indicate a specific resource when loading a caravan remain unchanged. The resource does not become generic until the action Queue is empty.

    Node Defense:

    -Abilities have changed slightly. Removed resource stealing ability and added the ability to remove half of your opponent’s banked Essence.

    Current Score to win that is being tested is 20. Starting at 2 levels to gain stage 2. Then increasing by 1 level per stage. 2, 5, 9, 14, 20 levels for Stages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Card Changes:

    Divine Units:
    -Siege Caller - Changed the effect of Song of Conquest. Reduced Essence cost by 1, Changed stats
    -Rallying Muse - Changed effect of Song of Glory.
    -Devoted Cleric - Changed Devotion to an adjacent effect.
    -Scryer - Changed ability to radiance. Gives adjacent units a shield charge when using a rite.
    -High Priest - Changed wording.
    -Minstrel - Changed Orchestral Song. Is now an adjacent effect that propagates if it is affecting a Bard Unit.
    -Soul Weaver - Changed wording and cycling order of effects. Removed cycling description because the card text was becoming crowded. See cycling description in the effects section. Has an additional attack because of the song of glory nerf.
    -Busker - Changed recite to not have a once a turn limit

    Military Units:
    -Tactician - Changed Rush Ability. Now moves an opposing Unit back one space. This can be used to remove the unit from combat.
    -Berserker - Changed Wording
    -Bulwark - Now has Guard.
    -Solitarian - Changed to gain shield charges and counterattack damage when defending alone
    -Shield Pup - Now has Guard
    -Knight - Changed coordinated defense effect
    -Weapon Master - Changed wording. Initiating rush now moves a unit back 1 if there is room.

    Economic Units:
    -Fledgeling - Changed wording
    -Sharpeye - Changed wording
    -Diversionary -Changed wording
    -Lightfoot- Now has Dash. (+1 Movement)
    -Predator - Changed wording and marked unit can no longer move.
    -Assassin - Changed Bait and Switch. Assassin now Stealths if an opposing Unit dies.
    -Hawkeye - Changed wording and added a back line only requirement
    -Scout - Changed wording on track and gather. Removed long maintenance and added Dash.
    -Mugger - Changed effect to utilize positional requirements.
    -Highwayman - Changed effect to deal damage to a caravan but deals no damage if there is no opposing caravan to attack.
    -Burglar - Now loads a material into the caravan when attacking a node defense but does no damage if doing so. Also has a lower cost if the opponent has freeholds.
    -Scavenger - Now lets you draw an additional card if you destroy a Caravan. Also has dash to remain safe. Now has 0 attack.
    -Racketeer - Triggers effect when entering the field. Also recovers a forged card from the graveyard when an opposing node defense is destroyed.
    -Shady Dealer - Changed effect to make gold producing resources produce any other material type for 1 turn.

    Science Units:
    -Relinquisher - Changed wording on Gift of the Magi
    -Repulse Mage - Changed wording on Forcefield.
    -Novice - Now has Requite. (See new effects section)
    -Handler - Changed companion
    -Conjurer- Changed wording
    -Warlock- Changed wording and increased health by 1
    -Archwizard - Changed wording on arcane dream

    Dual Type Units:
    -Falconer- Changed wording on seek
    -Paladin - Changed wording
    -Argent - Changed Song of fortification and added guard
    -Spellshield - Changed wording and added Requite 2 if forcefield was not activated.
    -Warden - Track 2 upon death. Hated Changed to Guard.
    -Nightshield - Changed to gain guard and a shield charge when stealth is broken instead of regenerating stealth.
    -Keeper- Now has guard when turtle companion is alive.
    -Guardian - Changed Obstruction and added an equipment effect. Reduced health by 1
    -Enchanter - Added new effect, Mirror that copies augments. Removed summon effect.
    -Wild Blade - Changed effect some. Unit can no longer move but Companion is automatically revived** See Equipment rules
    -Shadowmancer - Changed wording
    -Brood Warden - Changed to have companion copy charge gain.
    -Charlatan - Changed kingpin to make adjacent scoundrel units into bodyguards. The payment effect now gives an attack Charge.
    -Cultist - Changed wording on hex. +1 Health
    -Duelist - Changed wording.
    -Nightspell - Lowered cost to gain initiative and added a buff to attacking from the back line.
    -Shadow Lord - Changed wording.
    -Shadow Guardian - Now Changes positions with another unit and the other unit gains guard.
    -Hunter - Now has Reprisal: Can join a successful Counterattack.
    -Shadowblade - Now has an adjacent effect but cannot counter attack.
    -Bowsinger - Added a track effect if a contingency is played during combat.
    -Strider - Changed Hike Effect to either track or get a freehold with upkeep out of the deck. +1 corrupted attack power
    -Scion - Changed potshot scorch effect wording.
    -Sentinel - Changed Snare to a targeted damage reduction. Now has guard while exhausted.
    -Shaman - Changed wording. Summons a new companion if an opposing Caravan arrives.
    -Sorcerer - Changed wording on scorch
    -Acolyte- Now has new effect Blessing of the Magi
    -Battle Mage- Now has an effect based on what line it is in. Initiative in the back line and an attack charge when equipped in the front line. Base attack -1
    -Spellhunter - Changed final spark and added a buff to counterattacking when you use a contingency.
    -Shadow Caster - Now has hide (1 turn stealth) and reworded GotM effect.
    -Bladecaller - Changed Resonance effect to move an equipment
    -Spellstone - Changed wording and now can only be in the front line.
    -Bladedancer - Changed effect to be able to gain the effect of adjacent unequipped weapons and give a buff to adjacent units that are equipped.
    -Highsword - Changed wording on Judgment
    -Spellsword - Changed blink rush to ignore guard 1 time. But increases damage taken from counter attacks by 1.
    -Trickster - Changed wording and reduced charges gained and made the effect optional.
    -Oracle - Changed projection to grant a shield charge to a caravan being attacked.
    -Templar - Changed Turn the Tide to trigger when killing an opposing unit in a counter attack. Added requite 1
    -Protector - Changed last stand wording.
    -Shadow Disciple- Changed to trigger effects based on unit types already on the field instead of the abilities they have.
    -Apostle - Now gains guard if you have 2 freeholds in the same line as the unit. Changed wording on cost reduction.
    -Tellsword - Changed recite to remove the once a turn limit.
    -Magician - Changed wording on ability and now works to negate a counterattack.
    -Song Warden - Changed ability to Song of Nature that causes adjacent units to track when attacking.
    -Songcaller - Changed wording.
    -Siren - Changed wording, Now has Requite when corrupted. Now has Guard instead of Hated.

    Production Units:
    -Custodian - Wording Changes and a front line requirement.
    -Worker - Now unexhausts a resource in the same Lane as it was played in. (Can convert Essence into materials.)
    -Guild Master - Can now double resource generation for 1 turn. Becomes corrupted if its effect is used.
    -Apprentice - Changed wording
    -Woodsman - Changed wording. Can no longer activate production unit move ability to dodge combat with no charges.
    -Student - Changed wording
    -Vanguard - Changed to load research when killing a unit with damage overflow on the turn it is summoned and jolt is still active.
    -Abbot- Changed to function off of counterattacking instead of blocking.
    -Cantor - Changed wording on song of vigor. It now has a bonus effect.
    -Minister - Now converts Essence into Shield charges and shield charges into materials loaded into the Caravan.
    -Illuminator - Changed wording
    -Fleet-foot - Now has Jolt. Reworded effect and removed downsides
    -Chivalant - Changed wording. Effect now has a name and works on a Mine resource in the same Lane. Unexhausts a mine resource upon death.
    -Serviceman - Changed effect to load a material if your caravan is the target of a rite or contingency. If the unit dies while your caravan is undeparted you load 2 materials.
    -Pathfinder - Changed wording on seek
    -Rummage - Reduced cost by 1R

    Dual color Production Units:
    -Shadecaller - Changed wording on Shade
    -Curator- Changed effect to unexhaust a resource
    -Necrotic Foreman - Changed effect to be passive.
    -Capricious - Changed wording. Reduced cost by 1E
    -Profferant - Changed wording. Reduced cost by 1E
    -Mercenary - Changed payment and collect.
    -Quartermaster - Changed wording. Has -1 attack. Now has Restore effect
    -Targe - Changed wording. Can now gain a Shield charge by exhausting any resource.
    -Ascendant - Changed wording and made the second effect a named effect. Rise now only works when an opposing production unit attacks.
    -Crusader - Changed effects. Unexhausts a temple if attacking while equipped. Equipment reduces the steel cost of the unit.
    -Alluring Taskmaster - Changed wording and effect some. Still functions relatively the same. Now gains corruption instead of having to attack.

    -Volatile Elemental- Changed wording
    -Doggit changed to Gryphon Hatchling
    War Wolf - Added new effect Attenuate
    -Shade - Changed wording
    -Falcon - Changed wording on Seek

    -Tower Shield - Gives adjacent Units Shield Charges. Increases durability by 1 and increased maintenance by 1
    -Demolition Mace - Gives bonus damage dealt to Caravans or Node Defense but the bonus damage is reduced for every blocking unit.
    -Antipersonnel Lance - Deals damage to a Unit in the same Lane. Damage dealt to a Caravan or Node Defense is reduced.
    -Laced Dagger - Changed to give poison charges that reduce base health. Can be used during a counterattack.
    -Standard Issue Sword - Wording changes because attack value is collective now
    -Standard Issue Shield - Wording change to say equipped unit takes less damage instead of increasing Health.
    -Rousing Shield - Wording Change
    Chipped Edge Sword - Change to grant an attack charge instead of increasing attack
    Short Blade - Changed to only be playable on a space that already has equipment.

    -Enchanted Armor - Changed to reduce damage from non-combat effects by 2
    -Concession - Changed to grant an attack charge from the back line and draw a card if dies while in the front line.
    -Unassuming - Changed wording.
    -Barrier - Changed wording and forcefield effect. (See effect Changes)
    -Meditation - Added that Unit cannot move during meditation
    -Apprenticeship - Changed to revive a Production unit by sacrificing the augmented unit. (Represents the student becoming the master)
    -Chant - Changed wording and it now triggers all existing recite effects an additional time.
    -Partner - Changed wording to make it give the Augmented Unit the companion Summon ability.
    -Surmount - Changed to increase counterattack damage. + 1 Essence cost.
    -Spark - Changed wording.

    -Muster and Arm - Lowered steel cost by 1. Changed to give a buff to tanks and fighter units in the front line.
    -Fleeting Shot - Change to a movement skill.
    -Ejection Portal - Changed to a movement skill that results in the target being effectively removed from combat
    - Alteration Melody - Reduced cost by 1, Added an adjacent effect to give you an option to unexhaust the Bard Unit.
    -Reckless Abandon - Changed wording to reflect new rules. Effect remains relatively the same.
    -Enrage - Changed to a movement effect in addition to its unexhaust effect.
    -Enduring Summon - Reduced research cost by 1 and increased essence cost by 1

    -Bounty Hunt - Changed wording
    -War Draught - Changed wording so place the Companion in the Front line.
    -Forged Defense Orders - Changed to force a specific line to block your attack.
    -Smuggled Cargo - Wording change.
    -Empower Companion - Wording change to say the line the targeted companion is in must attack this turn.
    -Route Plan: Narrow Pass - Changed to exclude the outermost lanes from combat for 1 turn.
    -Take Pity - Changed to make it so units with 2 or less attack cannot be used to block this turn.
    -Siege Declaration - Reduced cost by 1 material and changed it to take a freehold slot for the duration it is on the field. The targeted node now takes double damage for 1 turn.
    -Mana Infused Potion - Changed wording.

    -Analysis Chamber - Changed to have an upkeep cost but gives a boots to materials in your Caravan.
    -Shrine - Reduced costs to 1
    -Concert Hall - Changed to a line based freehold that protects bards but makes them deal no damage in a counterattack. Symphony charge effect remains
    -Surveyor’s Tower - Now used to counter heavy Unit movement
    -Overlook - Now gives rangers a Bonus to counterattacks when in the same Line.
    -Scrap Yard - Changed wording
    -Intensifying Beacon - Changed the effect to be line based and increased the buff if there is an Intensifying Beacon in both lines.
    -Expedition Outpost - Changed effect to gather basic resources out of your deck.
    -General Store - Reduced cost by 1 material. Changed effect to reduce the cost of essence abilities but has a high upkeep cost. Good if you have banked a lot of essence. (REBALANCE AFTER DOING ESSENCE EFFECT CHANGES)
    -Groundwork - Simplified with Upkeep cost. Same effect.
    -Companion Accelerator - Changed + health to reduced Damage taken
    -Tavern - Added new text for civilian

    -Backroom Deal - Now requires scoundrels in the same lane. Can only be unexhausted with Resource Generation.
    -Hymn - Changed to be lane specific
    -Alternative Accounting - Changed to give you a boost to materials loaded in your caravan if you replaced a resource that does not share a type with the resources you started with.
    -Essence Collector - Removed wording that it cannot be unexhausted with essence because that effect was removed from the game.
    -Debt - Changed to be Unexhausted with Essence. As long as this effect is only used once you never have to pay it back.
    -Volcanic Mountain - Changed to increase resource generation for the rest of the match but it locks out a resource slot meaning you can no longer play cards that cost 5.

    New Effects:

    -Requite - (Requite 2, Requite 3) When a Unit with Requite dies they add damage to a successful counterattack based on Requite level. (Normal Requite is 1 damage and Requite 2 is 2 damage.). For a counterattack to be considered successful at least 1 unit must be counterattacking. You cannot add damage to a counterattack of 0 damage.
    -Attenuate: When entering the field the Summoner loses Attack and Health equal to the Attack and Health of the Summoned Companion.
    -Upkeep - If a card is on the field during maintenance you pay an upkeep cost. This upkeep reduces your Resource generation by the listed amount. If you opt to not pay the Upkeep cost the card is destroyed instead.
    -Upkeep 1 reduces passive resource generation by 1.
    -Dash: Can move 1 Additional space and while exhausted. Does not skip over spaces that are occupied. Movement is sequential.
    -Mirror: Augments are copied to an Allied Unit in the same Lane. The original Augment is destroyed if a copy is destroyed.
    -Sync: Copy Charge gain of Summoner.
    -Reprisal: Can join a successful Counterattack.
    -Blessing of the Magi: Adjacent Mage type Units gain 2 additional attack. Adjacent Mage type Units cannot Counterattack.
    -Radiance: Adjacent Units gain a Shield Charge when you use a Rite.
    -Song of Nature: Adjacent Units may Track when Attacking.
    -Restore: Exhaust to Unexhaust a Target Basic Resource. (Giving this ability a name to make it generic in case it is reused)

    Existing Effect changes:

    -Civilian: Civilians cannot be the target of Opposing Rites, Contingencies, or Abilities. A Civilian is not involved in combat and cannot activate abilities during combat phase. Civilian is lost upon Attacking, Blocking, or after activating an Ability.
    -Forcefield - May gain a Shield Charge during Combat if being targeted by an attack. Cannot Counterattack this Turn
    -Initiative - Unit cannot be targeted during a Counterattack.
    -Hated is now Guard: An Attack must Target a Guard Unit first.
    -Rush - Exhaust to Move a Unit in the same Lane back one space.
    -Initiating Rush: When attacking, Move a Unit in the same Lane back one space.
    -Track - Track is no longer an exhaust effect by default. It is just considered the action of looking at the top card of your deck. Effect still stacks and can now be followed by a number to track multiple times (Track 2 for example) The tracked cards are still placed back in any order you choose.
    -Stealth - Gain stealth upon entering the field. Stealthed units cannot be targeted by opposing attacks, abilities, rites, or contingencies. Attacking and defending is optional for a Stealthed Unit. The unit is not involved in damage calculations. Stealth can be broken during defense to make the previously stealthed Unit a valid target. Cannot break Stealth to counterattack if there is no non-stealthing unit counter attacking. Stealth is Broken after the Stealthing Unit is involved in combat or after activating an Ability. Stealth being “Broken” is the official term for a Unit that had stealth but the effect is no longer active on the unit. The act of breaking stealth can trigger some effects.
    -Gift of the Magi: Exhaust to add 2 attack to a Target Mage type unit this turn. (Changed wording)
    -Seek: Exhaust and Sacrifice to search your Deck for a Resource and add it to your hand. Shuffle the Deck after Searching
    -Song of Conquest- Damage dealt to the Node Defense is increased by 1 for each adjacent Unit.
    -Song of Glory: Adjacent Units gain an Attack Charge when attacking. Units affected by Song of Glory take 1 additional Damage from a Counterattack until the end of the turn.
    -Song of Fortification: Gain a Shield Charge for each Unit being Guarded.
    -Devotion: When this Unit or an adjacent Unit falls to exactly 1 health, the Unit gains a Shield Charge.
    -Coordinated Defense: One time during Combat, you may change the opposing player's Attack Target. Cannot Counterattack this turn.
    -Obstruction: Move to the location of an Allied Unit that died during Combat and gain Guard this turn.
    -Implementarian: When Equipped, the Equipment is instead equipped to a Summoned 1/1 Animated Equipment Companion and does not lose Durability.
    -Ordain Shadows: Attack and Shield Charges are Shadow Charges instead. Exhaust to remove at least 3 Shadow Charges. Summon a Shadow Companion with total combined Attack and Health Stats equal to the number of removed Charges.
    -Kingpin: Adjacent Scoundrel Units have Guard and gain 2 Shield Charges when Blocking. Kingpin effect is Unique.
    -Hex: Exhaust to Hex Target Caravan. A Hexxed Caravan takes 1 additional damage the next time it is damaged. This Effect stacks.
    -Lie in Wait: Break Stealth to mark a Target Unit. The marked Unit cannot Move.
    -Bait and Switch: When Defending, Adjacent Stealthed Allied Units may Break Stealth to deal 1 damage to an attacking Unit.
    -Resonance: When entering the Field you may move a Target Equipment to the same space as this Unit. The Target Equipment gains 1 Durability.
    -Hike: Exhaust and Corrupt to Track 2 or Search your Deck for a Freehold with Upkeep, Reveal it and add it to your hand. Shuffle the deck after searching.
    -Sniper’s Eye: Exhaust to gain 2 Attack Charges
    -Potshot Scorch: When attacking from the Back Line deal 1 Damage to a Target undamaged Unit. If the Target dies to this effect gain Corruption.
    -Snare: Exhaust to reduce Damage taken by a Target Unit by 3 this turn.
    -Scorch: Exhaust to deal 1 Damage to a Target undamaged Unit. If the Target dies to this effect gain Corruption.
    -Arcane Dream: Gain 1 Mana Charge for every Opposing Unit or Caravan that died while Attacking. Exhaust and spend 5 mana Charges to deal Attack Damage to a Target Unit. If Targeted by Gift of the Magi, gain 1 Mana Charge instead of additional Attack.
    -Final Spark: Upon Death, you may Search your deck for a Contingency, reveal it and add it to your hand. Shuffle the Deck after Searching.
    -Detonate: Exhaust and Sacrifice to deal 1 Damage to a Target damaged Unit or Caravan.
    -Judgment: Exhaust to Judge a Target Unit. A Judged Unit takes 1 additional damage the next time it is damaged. This effect stacks.
    -Blink Rush: When attacking, you may ignore the effect of Guard one time and increase Damage taken from Counterattacks by 1
    -Turn the Tide: After destroying an opposing Unit in a Counterattack, you may pay 2E this turn to resurrect an Ally Unit to its previous location.
    -Projection: Your Caravan gains a Shield Charge when it is Targeted by an Attack.
    -Last Stand: Upon death, your Departed Caravan gains 2 Shield Charges.
    -Orchestral Song: Adjacent Units Attacking in the Front Line gain an Attack Charge. Adjacent Units Defending in the Back Line gain 2 Counterattack Damage. Adjacent Bard Units repeat Orchestral Song Effect.
    -Benediction - Exhaust to give a Target Unit 1 Shield Charge.
    -Cycling: After one Cycling ability is activated, it is lost and the other ability in the cycle is gained (Listed as Cycling 1, Cycling 2, etc. Cycling 1 is gained first)
    -Recite: Gain 1 Attack Charge if you perform a Rite or use an Augment.
    -Sleight of Hand: You may play this Unit during Combat to replace a Unit that is being Counterattacked. The replaced Unit is returned to your hand and the Counterattack Damage is negated.
    -Harmony: Whenever a Charge is Gained, you may Sacrifice to gain another Charge of the same type.
    -Recruitment: Exhaust and Corrupt to Search your Deck for a 1 cost Unit and add it to your hand. Shuffle the Deck after Searching.
    -Jolt - Can attack, move, or activate an exhaust ability on the turn it is summoned without gaining corruption. Jolt is only considered active on the turn a unit is summoned.
    -Song of Vigor: Upon attacking, you may Unexhaust adjacent Production Units.
    -Highflyer: Exhaust along with 2 Hunt Resources to gain 3 Gold Material.
    -Revitalize: Upon attacking, you may recover a Resource from your Graveyard and add it to your Hand.
    -Fortify: Exhaust along with a Mine Resource in the same Lane to Gain a Shield Charge and 1 Steel.
    -Quick-change: If a Production Unit has damage directed to it during an attack you may play this Unit instantly without cost. The damage is directed to this Unit instead. The previous Target is returned to your hand unless you pay 1T 1R
    -Supply: Consume an Attack Charge to gain a Gold or a Steel.
    -Payment: The Resources used to pay the cost of this Unit cannot be Unexhausted with Resource Generation.
    -Collect: Unexhaust the Resources affected by Payment upon successful Counterattack.
    -Demand: Consume a Shield Charge to gain a Material that is in the Cost.
    -Rise: Unexhaust if an Opposing Production Unit Attacks.
    -Fall: Exhaust with Long Maintenance to Unexhaust a target Basic Resource if all your Resources are Exhausted.
    -Temptation: Upon entering the Field, Gain Control of a Target Production Unit. Move the Controlled Unit to an adjacent space. Control is Maintained as long as the Unit is in an adjacent space. If the Controlled Unit dies, gain Corruption.
    -Long Maintenance: Takes 1 additional turn to Unexhaust.
    -Nightscape: When a Unit breaks Stealth, Gain 1 Night Charge. You may Consume 3 Night Charges to gain Initiative during Combat.

    -Damage Overflow - If targeting the front line Damage overflow will allow damage to pass through the Caravan and initiate another attack on the back line. The value of the damage overflow attack cannot surpass the summed attack value of all Units with damage overflow. The Caravan must be destroyed first if it is on the field. Only the remaining attack value in the damage pool is dealt to the back line as a new attack. The back line does not get a counterattack if hit by a damage overflow attack. Damage overflow does not have an effect if the back line is defending or during a counterattack. However if there are no Units capable of defending in the back line the DO damage is dealt to the Node instead.
    (Example - a unit with DO and 3 attack value is attacking. The total attack in the damage pool is 9. The front line has a unit with 3 health, The caravan has 5 health. This will result in a damage overflow attack on the backline with 1 damage in the damage pool.) (If the damage pool had 15 points in the same scenario the back line attack would still only have 3 points of damage in the damage pool as it would not exceed the value of the DO unit’s attack)

    Node Card Changes:

    -You will now start the game at stage 1. This will condense the effects some and server to explain some base resource generation by displaying it on the stage 1 effects.
    -The node card you pick will now start with a unique effect instead of it coming into play later.
    -Node card now determines your starting basic resources

    Science - Research
    Start the game with 5 Basic Library Resource Cards.

    Stage 1: Generate 3 Resources. Your first move each turn may instead swap the position of 2 Units that are adjacent or in the same Lane.

    Stage 2: All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn. The first unit summoned after your Caravan arrives has Jolt.

    Stage 3:All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn.
    The next card you play costs 1 less Research for every additional card you drew this Turn.

    Stage 4: Your Caravan has an additional Health and has an additional Material loaded when departing.

    Stage 5: You may draw an additional Card. If you do, skip your next draw phase. You may skip your draw phase to Generate 1 additional Resource. You cannot skip a draw phase that was already skipped.

    Military - Steel
    Start the game with 5 Basic Mine Resource Cards.

    Stage 1:Generate 3 Resources. Your first move each turn has no essence cost if moving forward.

    Stage 2: All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn. The first unit summoned after your Caravan arrives gains an Attack Charge.

    Stage 3: All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn.
    If the last Unit left in a lane dies in a Defense, it instead becomes corrupted and counterattacks.

    Stage 4: You may pay 1 Steel to give an Undeparted Caravan an Attack Charge. A Caravan may only have 2 Attack Charges from this source.

    Stage 5: Gain a War Charge when you Attack and for every Unit that dies in Combat. You may remove 4 War Charges to Uncorrupt a Target Unit or 8 War Charges to Resurrect a Unit to the Field Exhausted during Preparation.

    Divine - Talisman
    Start the game with 5 Basic Temple Resource Cards.

    Stage 1: Generate 3 Resources. Your first move each turn has no essence cost if moving backward.

    Stage 2: All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn. The first unit summoned after your Caravan arrives gains a Shield Charge.

    Stage 3:All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn.
    Once a Turn you may double a Once a Turn effect, the doubled effect is usable again after a Long Maintenance.

    Stage 4: Your Caravan gains up to 3 Shield Charges when attacked. One Charge is gained for each Unit in the line targeting it for an attack.

    Stage 5: Once during your turn you may Smite a target damaged Unit as a contingency, dealing 1 damage.

    Economic - Gold
    Start the game with 5 Basic Hunt Resource Cards.

    Stage 1: Generate 3 Resources. Up to 2 Production Units may move with no Essence cost per Turn.

    Stage 2: All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn. The first unit summoned after your Caravan arrives costs 1 less gold.

    Stage 3:All players Generate an additional Resource during their Turn.
    Once a turn, a unit exhausted by its own effect may attack or defend.

    Stage 4: You may place one face down card from the top of your deck into the departing Caravan. If the Caravan arrives add the card to your hand. If the Caravan is destroyed, send the card to the bottom of the deck.

    Stage 5: Units with 3 or less attack are upgraded into Merchants and gain the ability Resale: Exhaust along with a Hunt Resource to gain 2 gold.
  • Bro, I dunno what's happening but just looking at it is making me wish I had the time and someone to try this game out with. Unfortunately none of my IRL friends are interested in MMO.

    Looking good.
    "Suffer in silence"
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    Themes and deck overview:
    In this game there are various themes that each node encompasses. Your deck is based around the node card you select. Currently there are 4 node cards, 1 for each of the 4 node types.

    This list of themes might help someone decide what type deck they want to make.

    Economic Node - Theme for the node card is increased resource gain. It has a movement buff to production Units. The primary Resource is Gold, Generated by Hunt Resources. The cards in this theme are Ranger, Rogue, and Scoundrel Units. There are trade themed cards and various criminal activity based cards to represent the seedy underbelly of the Economic node.

    --Tracking: Looking at the card on the top of your deck
    --Stealth: Allow a Unit to avoid combat and active effects by breaking stealth
    --Scoundrel buff cards: Buff the typically weak scoundrels to better make use of their strong effects.

    Scientific Node - Theme for the node card is increased card draw. It has a unit swap mechanic that lets you move 2 units for the price of 1 movement. The primary Resource is Research, Generated by Library Resources. The cards in this theme are Mage, Summoner, and increased number of rites and contingency cards. There are some magic tech based cards and cards to interact with summoner companions.

    --Gift of the Magi: Allows Mage units to transfer some of their power. This is good to allow a back line unit to buff a front line unit.
    --Companion Summon: Companions are a good way to protect a summoner unit. Companions take damage first so your Summoner may live after combat.

    Divine Node - Theme for the node card is increased defenses and utility effects. It has a backwards movement effect. The primary Resource is Talismans, Generated by Temple Resources. The cards in this theme are Cleric, Bard, and Augment cards. Augments are attached to a Unit and provide bonus effects to that specific unit.

    --Adjacent effect from Bards: A buff that applies to units next to the Unit with the effect. This is enhanced by a heavy movement play style.
    --More Shield Charge based effects: A good way to give a unit some bonus health

    Military Node
    - Theme for the node card is increased offensive power. It has a forward movement effect. The primary Resource is Steel, Generated by Mine Resources. The cards in this theme are Fighter, Tank, and Equipment cards. Equipment cards will buff a Unit that is in the same space as an equipment card. Equipment cards lose durability when the effect is used.

    --Equipment based effect: Strong effects that activate when a unit is Equipped.
    --Guard: An effect that forces a Unit to be the first one Targeted in an attack.

    General Themes
    - Some general themes that either do not fit into a node theme or are included in each node theme

    --Corruption: All units have stats on the bottom right for when they are corrupted. There is various ways a Unit can become corrupted and a few effects to remove corruption from a unit. Sometimes this is used to trigger a 1 time only effect on a unit.

    --Production units: Production units are used to manage resources and typically will increase your resource generation in some way

    --Freeholds: Freeholds are field buffing cards. There is a limit of 2 in each line on your side of the field.

    --Caravans: How you score, Load and protect it to level your node card. There is a few cards that will buff your caravan.

    --Special Resources: These resources replace your existing resource cards. They are generally better to have than a basic resource but they take space in your deck.

    --Dual type Cards: These cards have a shared theme across 2 node types. They cost resources from both types. You have to figure out a good way to generate the resource that your node does not start with. This is a good reason to put extra resources in a deck.

    Just posting this list so I can reference it easily.
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    Tossed together something for the new boss because I was bored. The concept of raid bosses was something I thought about doing but was never fleshed out enough to add to the game. The idea would be that a boss card becomes an optional target during your attack. If you defeat it you gain the bonus but it applies its attack as a counter attack with the attacking player deciding the targets of the counter attack. You could also do various events that spawn creatures that need to be attacked first before you can target your opponent.

    This theoretical event system would probably contain all the boss cards. I was thinking it might be interesting if events were shuffled into a players deck and triggered when drawn. Something like each player has 4 event cards to start with. 2 go in your opponents deck and 2 go in your own. Could make a node card that is based around event cards and it could give you bonus events to start with.

    Edit: Updated the card after I put a bit more thought into it. A boss would be something that sits on the field that either player can attack on their turn. While active it applies negative effects to both sides, However these effect might not be negative to your deck if you plan around them. Tumok specifically disables augments and equipment. If you are not running those in your deck you just have to play around the Boss ability while ignoring Tumok
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    1.6.5 Update: Minor tweaks and Caravan rules.

    --Changed the node cards slightly.
    -Soulbow: changed slightly to be easier to use effect and effect can now get back any card not just a unit. Effect will also trigger on death if soulbow has enough charges.
    -Tavern: Changed wording on civilian to remove the term blocking. Civilians are not involved in combat and therefore
    cannot be chosen as a block target.
    -Inquiry: Nerf to inquiry to require the revealed card be played on the turn it is acquired.
    -Apprenticeship: Changed effect a bit. All augments are retained.
    -Rousing Shield: Changed effect because it no longer did anything. It now unexhausts a defender and forces the attacker to make a 2 damage attack against the equipped unit.
    -Sentinel: Changed damage reduction to 2
    -Spike Bulwark was changed to counter attack damage
    -Debt now only counts as any resource if you have debt charges.
    -Rummage: Changed wording and effect slightly.
    -Spellstone: Lowered based health by 1.
    -Fertile Valley: Lowered cost by 1 and added a track effect if you pay the extra cost.
    -Concert Hall: Changed to give a charge based on bard counter attack damage instead of number of bard units.
    -Units with wording changes due to caravan rules change
    -Trade Outpost
    -Analysis Chamber
    -Alternative Accounting
    -Bountiful Cache

    -Caravan Rules

    -Caravans now cost Essence to deploy. (Cost needs to be tested)
    -1 Essence to deploy a caravan This was removed for now. Essence is too precious early game and this just stalled the game. It also has an inherent downside now that caravans generate materials per turn because if you deploy it you lose 1 turn of passive generation.
    -Caravan must have at least base health -2 materials loaded to deploy.
    -Caravans have a cap of 12 materials. If the cap is reached the Caravan will automatically deploy during the controller’s next deployment phase. You may load an opponent’s caravan with a card effect to force it to deploy. Normal resources cannot be loaded into an opponent’s Caravan.
    -Caravan will now passively gain 1 material at the start of your turn.

    These changes will also allow for more strategy in 3+ player game modes

    Other rule changing and clarifications

    New arrival restriction for attacking and activated abilities still in place. A unit that was just played cannot attack unless you corrupt it. However, defending and counter attacking is not affected by this restriction. I may need to also restrict attacking to 2 or more units after testing if attacking proves to be too powerful.

    Removing the effect of unexhausting attackers that succeed in destroying a caravan. I do not think it is necessary anymore. Will need testing to see if there should be more upside to destroying a caravan. Perhaps a 1 turn + 1 resource generation or an additional passive material in your caravan on your next turn.

    After some testing I added 1 base essence per turn outside of normal resource generation and gave both players 2 starting essence. The player that goes first however does not gain thier 1 passive essence on their first turn.

    Testing goals

    The things I am looking to test are how resource generation feels at current levels, If the new combat system is intuitive or if it is too confusing. If attacking is too strong for Unit removal. If counter attacking just serves to deter risky attacks and stalls games. If the Process of loading the caravan and sending it is fun at all or just annoying. If there are enough cards that can change the outcome of an attack or if it just feels like a solved mechanic where you only attack if you know for sure you will win.

    Long term testing includes deck themes and balance, Score needed to win, Level ranges, Resource generation scaling, If resource cards feel impactful enough to include in a deck. Production units being impactful enough. General strategy effectiveness. (Stalling, quick node levels, node defense offense, essence banking, resource gen focus, Many small caravans or waiting for a full one and heavy defense, ect)
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