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[NA] Barghest Omen | PVX | EST | Semi-Hardcore Progression Raiding

DarkagaDarkaga Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

-About Us-

Barghest Omen (Originally OMEN) was founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded raiders who grew tired of the toxicity and corruption that so commonly plagues progression raiding guilds. Over the years we have played a multitude of MMOs together including:

World of Warcraft Retail
World of Warcraft (Nostalrius/Elysium)
Final Fantasy XIV

In line with our core mission, we have six ideals that guide the guild.

1. You don’t have to raid seven days a week in order to make progression.
2. You don’t have to compromise between player skill and player attitude.
3. Progression guilds should be positive influences on the server and community.
4. No one starts as an experienced raider, players just need to have direction and drive.
5. Raid Members should put the Guild and Raid above personal gain.
6. The Guild exists to serve its members and assist in progression.

-Raid Times-

There is some degree of flexibility in our raid times considering how far out we are from a prospective launch and several unknowns.

Weds/Sun 7-11PM EST

-Current Recruitment Needs-

Recruitment is currently open to all applicants. While we do have several members in the Alpha/Beta, is it not a requirement to join.

We also have a few officer/class lead positions open for highly qualified applicants.

If interested, please fill out an app and someone will get back to you.

-Contact Information-

Should you need or want to contact an officer, you can reach out to us on Discord.

Guild Master - FallenFaux#7324
Policy Officer - Meruchy#5371
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