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[NA] Mythic | PVX | Alpha One | World/Server First Raiding, PVP, Economic | Hardcore

GundelGundel Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
Guild Name: Mythic

Guild Leader: Gundel#1880
Officers: BroxiusMaximus#7509, mattxmelee#3199

Focus: PVX- World/Server First Raiding(Primary), Crafting, Economic, PvP
Region: NA
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Applicant server:

About us: Mythic is more than just a community of experienced players looking to set roots in Ashes of Creation. Mythic is a mindset, a character trait, and a goal. We strive to be at the forefront of all released content as well as an active voice within the community, pushing players to higher skill caps while encouraging community-driven team building. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in more than just an “endgame and quit” mentality, then Mythic is for you. All of our members focus on maintaining a high level of skill in a uniquely, competitive atmosphere. As such, we are looking for individuals who are willing to devote the time and effort required to achieve goals that mark them as “Mythic”. “Only the truly hardcore can call themselves Mythic!” but that motto goes much deeper than the obvious. A hardcore player is simply someone who dedicates themselves to the world around them, always striving to be at the top.

Intrepid has set its sights on reviving the MMORPG genre and Mythic has set its sights on leading the type of community that players look back on and remember. A new MMO requires a new mindset and while we strive to be at the top, we make sure that no member is left behind.

What type of players are we looking for?
• High Caliber Raiders
• Hardcore PvP Players
• Dedicated Crafters
• Players with Ambition and Potential.

What we offer to our members:
• Focused & Experienced leadership.
• Organized guild divisions to handle Crafting, Raiding, and PvP.
• Guild members have input/voice within Mythic.
• Community projects and instructional videos.
• Guild Discord


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