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Object Interaction / Breaking Objects / Jumping on buildings

AruganArugan Member, Alpha One

I am not sure if this has been covered. However, are objects able to be destroyed and able to be climbed? Like Apoc was during its test runs.

I really like the small details of how you can break things in-game and climb buildings/mountains/trees. Similar to Zelda breaking pots or getting on buildings.

Thank you!


  • There is a fully 3D environment in the game, and I don't see why the everyday stuff that could be broken in Apoc would be taken out. It won't be knee-high collision detection, if that's what you're asking, about climbing stuff.

    They don't specifically mention it in the Wiki, but it does mention *about* destructability:

    Otherwise, I don't know why something like what you were seeing would be removed.

  • I want to climb EVERYTHING! That's "my thing" in these kinds of games. If it's there, I want to climb on top of it!
    This link may help you:
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