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Toughness and Resilience

Coming from games that add these in as gems for gear, please do not do this as gems should be options to further difine or compensate our gear. These additions are almost always only for PvP and really take up slots that should be options.

If these do get added please make it passive within gear or the levels of the toon.

Maybe even give mobs this as well as to me it makes sense for everything to have counters.

Thank you and I love the direction of this game!


  • You can enchant your gear and make gear with set bonuses but besides the cosmetic slots i don't think they plan to do a slot system.
  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    There is no plan to add PvP specific stats.
  • MaezrielMaezriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Ayoka wrote: »
    These additions are almost always only for PvP and really take up slots that should be options.

    Big thing here is there shouldn't be any difference between PvP and PvE builds as both will be tied together. Like, you'll need to PvP on your way to PvE objectives and vice versa.
    If I said something that you disagree w/ feel free to say so here.
  • KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I agree that there should not be any pvp specific stats. However, give me as many ways to customize my character as humanly possible. Nothing wrong with slots on gear (especially considering how vital crafting/artisans will be).
  • Exactly, gear should be able to be built or altered with stats and gems that can alter how the class plays not be defined in anyway that the only way to PvP is by using only these specific gems. Resilience and toughness do this and create this exact problem.

    One of the things I hate as playing a tank is the fact I have to have a shield. A two handed sword can block/parry most melee, arrows would be my weakness but that weakness would give me more damage. We should be able to choose things like this and have full options while facing the weakness this would cause. I will be posting about this for tanks in another post if it hasn't been said.
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