• Can I have separate warehouses all over the place?
  • Can you go (by caravan or backpack) from warehouse to warehouse?
  • Can I gather things all around the world, storing them in the nearest node, then later worry about consolidating my goods?

  • "Player stalls are linked to that player's warehouse." From the video source, "you can link the stall to your warehouse" - Steven Sharif [Steven says "your" warehouse, implying one.]
  • "You're going to be able to deliver goods for trade or to just warehouse in a new region, so that you have access to that local market." – Steven Sharif [This seems to say that you can warehouse in many different nodes.]

Caravan sources (from what I can tell):
  • mayors
  • quests
  • housing chests
  • warehouses

Caravan destinations:
  • market (placed into a store's storage)? ("deliver goods for trade")
  • quest completion (I assume)
  • housing chests?
  • warehouses

I would like to be able to store my gatherables in the nearest node, in separate warehouses, as I travel around the world, both for safety against being attacked and also to free up my inventory. Then consolidate them later. Is this possible, or are we limited to one warehouse? If it is not known, which way do you think it should be?

The wiki uses phrases like "player's warehouse", "your warehouse", implying one.


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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I believe we have access to a warehouse per node. If you wanted to then consolidate you'd have to run mules or caravans between the warehouses. The map will be so large that one warehouse just isn't viable.
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    JamationJamation Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I'd assume there will be a warehouse per node considering considering if a node is destroyed a portion of your warehouse materials can be looted by the raiders. So it wouldn't make sense to have every warehouse attached to every node if that were the case.
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