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Guild map - A take on the traditional guild calendar

I had an idea and figured i'd share it with the community for judgement.

The basic idea is to replace the traditional calendar with a "magical guild map" so to speak. To take wow as an example, when you'd join a guild, you would have either 1 inventory space or even a character equipment slot for it. You'd be able to pin events on it, circle gathering spot, maybe draw routes for caravan assault from info given by spies, etc.

i feel it would be thematically appropriate and a different twist to the regular calendar.

What say you?


  • VmanGmanVmanGman Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I think that you've got something there. Probably needs some refinement from the developers, but it sounds cool.
  • McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
    edited February 2021
    If I've understood correctly, you are suggesting a guild organiser with a map and calendar where you advertise for help with things like moving caravans and fellow guild members sign up.
    A good idea, I like it.
    I would hope that the guild leadership can set the visibility of any bookings to individual members to help them identify moles.
    Another guild can use your Intel to precisely plan attacking your caravan, so don't be surprised if it happens.

    I think guilds may still use apps like Discord to organise themselves, but if this tool is done well then Discord might not be necessary for some tasks.
  • JamationJamation Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I feel like this could easily be added in as one of the guild perks that a guild could choose from so that those that would want something like that could use it. I'm personally all for this! I've been keeping notes of future guild ideas based off random comments and one of them was when map-making was mentioned and the potential to run guild themed events, like a scavenger/treasure hunt etc. Think there could be a lot done with the maps!
  • McMackMuck wrote: »
    If I've understood correctly, you are suggesting a guild calendar where you advertise for help moving caravans with an escort. I would hope that the guild leadership can set the visibility of any bookings that they make to help them identify moles.
    Don't be surprised if your caravan attracts unwanted attention after you post its schedule though!

    I may not have explained properly. and also, i kind of see this is relation to Eve online, if you've ever played the game. The idea behind mentioning the route on the guild map was that say your guild wants to move large amount of items from one metropolis to another. From what i understood, markets will be regional, so for a certain item or ore or whatever, you might get a much better price at another metropolis. They've said that traveling will take time as the zones are large. So, you plan a moving day with your guild, and on that day, you'd be able to trace the route you want to take on the guild map so that players are aware of where to go or even others can join if they log in later.

    Does that make more sense?
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