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[NA] The Sirens | Pirate Guild | PvX

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What are The Sirens about?

We are a newly formed guild of like-minded players looking to establish ourselves in the Ashes of Creation community.
We will begin playing from Alpha 1 onwards, and look to recruit from other MMOs in the meantime such as;
New World, WoW, BDO, Albion Online, and Core Punk.

Other Games we play: League of Legends, Sea of Thieves, Valorant, Minecraft

What we are about:
Fun comes first, then adventure, and swashbuckling pvp with a focus on trading!
We strive to be a non-toxic pirating community, and welcome everyone regardless of experience!

People we want:
- Non-toxic players looking to have fun!
- Active members
- Players ages 16+

Guild Goals:
- Build healthy, friendly relationships within the community and the in-game server we play on
- Establish ourselves as escort/security for sea-based caravaning and trade
- Explore and utilize the oceans of Verra; make use of all sea mechanics in AOC


Currently looking for founding members and leaders to help us build up a great community!

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