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Hello guys,

I have only recently heard from Ashes of Creation and been hyped since then, checking all the information out and also keeping an eye on your store. I am still sad though, I haven't seen the Kickstarter campaign, because at that time I wasn't into Kickstarters yet, but deeply regret it, as this would have been definetely one to kickstart for me ^^

Unfortunately I saw that you had already what I was looking for, but it seems my moment is gone, because I am just to late. The items I really loved were
Is there any chance to see these items again? I'm kind of an "Orc smasher" usually, so probably Ren'Kai would be my favorit, even though I really enjoy Vek (especially buildings) too. I do also love Raptors and Turtles a lot as well.

So I am wondering if either something similar could come again into the shop or if it's possible to get these previous items somehow. Does someone know?


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    I wouldn't worry mate. The game is far from launch at the moment. I've kicked myself for the same reasons, I even missed recent cosmetics which held my attention for ages, but, I've noticed better cosmetics come and those cosmetics have replaced the ones I wanted originally.

    You can't get cosmetics from past renditions, only future renditions from this point onward.

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    You can't get cosmetics from past renditions, only future renditions from this point onward.

    This is true, BUT:

    We've been assured that while the coloring or texture of the cash shop items are unique, there WILL be highly-similar items with the same appearance obtainable in-game - just not with that specific color or texture theme.

    So as @Neurath advised, you shouldn't feel too worried, about this. You'll still be able to get something mostly-identical, via in-game means.

  • With the quality (and quantity) of cosmetic items that we have seen, you do not need to worry about missing anything. There will be many items that you will fall in love with. And as said, there will be other items that will be close to the look of what you like.
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    Steven has recently addressed this belief that "You'll still be able to get something mostly-identical, via in-game means."
  • Hi there friend! Looks like some lovely folks above already shared a lot of helpful information with you - namely that while these exact same items will never be available again (as they were exclusive to the time they were available), you may see similar items again moving forward either as cosmetics or achievable through in-game means!

    I'm going to go ahead and move this thread on over to our Support & FAQ section and close it out, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!
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