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Home on the road?

Ashes seems to be a game that wants you to put down roots and stake your claim on the land, which is all well and good as there is a reason we stopped being a Hunter & Gather society. That being said I am curious to know if there will be any mechanics in the game that encourages consistent traveling for those who have little interest in growing those roots. Perhaps a portable campsite with some, but not all, crafting stations? Or maybe an opt in mercenary mechanic that will allow the roaming adventurer to take part in the attack or defense of a node as a 3rd party for a smaller slice of the cake? Guilds that roam and offer their services to bolster the ranks of nodes for a price whose only interest in the conflict is personal monetary gain? In a world where villages grow and cities fall, it feels as though it would be fun to take part in wars half a world away that you otherwise might miss if you live in a small peaceful community on the edge of the map where all your vested interests lie.
What kind of things would you guys like to see to encourage movement other than the reward of exploration itself?


  • All areas of the game that you can plop a Freehold down upon will contribute to a Node; There will be no un-noded areas.

    In the meantime, you could always throw your support into level 1 and 2 Nodes - it's level 3 (Village) where Freeholds can then be placed and houses can begin to be bought. Until that point, level 1 and 2 nodes have a very temporary-encampment feel/function/look, to them.

    Otherwise, we've been told there will be a cooldown on re-declaring your Node citizenships.

  • A wandering nomadic Tamer following the herd migrations.
    This link may help you:
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