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Patrons of War
Focus: PvP, PvE, Economy, Crafting, and Events
Server: TBA
Contacts: [POW] Hop #7239
Discord: Patrons of War
Apply: Open (Join our discord and Introduce yourself!)

Patrons of War
A gaming community is driven by teamwork! If you want a community that is willing to help its members grow and love the games they play. We are a goal-driven community and we strive to make each member love their experience with us. We take in both styles of play for those wanting to go Hardcore or those that like to play casually.

We strive to keep the following criteria in play at all times for those in our community:
Focused on growing
Healthy Gaming Experience
Gathering & Crafting
Guild Events
Providing help and sharing knowledge with new members
Social Atmosphere

What We Bring to the Table
Experienced Leadership (Leadership within multiple genres: Destiny 2, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, EVE Online, and WOW)
Organized Gameplay (Leadership will set up events weekly!)
Diverse Community (We welcome people from all strides of life!)
Fun & Friendly Environment (You have an idea send it up to the Guild Leads, we will do our best to implement them!)
Guild & Community Events (Follows up Organized gameplay with events that make an impact!)
Opportunity for Advancement (If you have the qualities for leadership!)


Mature Attitude
Participation in community/guild events!
Must be active!
Discord is required while in-game!
Highly adaptable and willing to help out the community!


  • Jump into our discord and get to know us!
  • Another day to get some recruiting done
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    Have you found a good guild to make way with in AOC? Come check us out and see if we are the right place for you to start your time in game!
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