Interactive Magic

Magic is a sensitive subject for all games. Many people love elemental specialized mages, some people like mages to be a jack of all trades and know the fireball, chain lightning, and magic missle stlye set-ups. I propose something different, magic should be arcane pure magic that interacts with its environment to change the properties you attack an opponent with.

Why not have magic that effects the environment and evolves the environment as you magicly interact with it. You cast a force push and rocks fly at the enemy, or lets say you summoned a puddle to throw an ice spire instead of chucking rocks. The enemy mage reacts with a force wall to block your ice attack and his wall absorbs the ice becoming a ice wall. He using force push and sends it back at you. You Dispell the ice wall, and send the water back at him as a binding move to hold him still etc. >.< back and forth tug of war of power, not just numbers. It sounds like a long engagement at first, but cool downs keep you from constantly throwing up walls, or dispelling over and over again.

There are people that will want to specialize, I think they should be able to do that if they want on top of this changing magic system. Allow them the ability to go out and earn specific spell that summon out what they need to cast their chosen element. Spells that are outside of their normal skill tree. Finishing a quest-line that makes them feel special when they earn their element mastery. Elements should unlock as you progress, it could give the impression that one element is superior to an other earlier gained element.

Characters shouldn't be locked on to any one element at a time, specialization should be a character's choice. Limiting a character's ability to interact with a different element would punish you for specializing, a water mage would need a rock mage to let them passed the dungeon sealed by rocks. Elemental specialists could find themselves more jobs to go and see people into dungeons, rocks to remove rocks, water to deal with ice, wind for jumping gaps, fire... um... Well you could have fire burn debries or heat up mechanical devices like locks that require you to heat up a fluid to run a steampowered lock.. I know I really stretched that one to work but >.< Nature should be a element in its own that can be controlled, just burning nature doesn't give nature justice. Nature is a force too!!


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