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edited February 2021 in EU Guild Recruitment
Hello! Since I couldn't really find a guild that fit what I wanted, I decided to try and start my own. Eagle's Eye is a relatively casual "let's hang out, explore and have fun" guild, with room for more hardcore leaning players as well. I would persnally classify myself as relatively in the middle of hardcore and casual. There is a slight element of RP. The guild by it's theme would be an order of knights dedicated to protecting and spreading justice and freedom all across Verra. The activities the guild would partake in would largely fit this and having your character be based somewhat on this is required. More RP is not required, though is very much welcome.

I do have to admit, I have very little experience in MMORPGs and no experience in running or being part of a guild, but I am eager to learn and grow.

Once we have good amount of players, I'm thinking we should probably start to play some other MMORPGs or games in general together before AOC comes out, to get to know each other better than just chatting through Discord. This would also help me get some experience in running a guild. I'm open to all kinds of games myself!

If the above description sounds fun and interesting, just join this discord server and let's chat more!

Decided to close this since I decided to join a guild that my friend joined as well after he introduced me to it

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