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Alpha 1

RickstrRickstr Member
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is there any way to get alpha 1 access still or is that over with?


  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    There isn't right now, but they may offer it up again if they have need of a larger alpha 1 testing population.
  • McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
    edited February 2021
    Steven posted in Discord 14h30m (-ish) ago...
    "IF I open A1 up again, there will be normal upgrade paths as before for pack holders."

    Alpha 1 will be more about testing than playing, so don't focus on the first half of "playtest". It may well be buggy as hell, because that's why it's being tested.
    <I don't have any test access or insider knowledge>

    When the NDA drops then we will all be able to discuss the state of the development in earnest. Intrepid will get a stack ton of feedback once the NDA lifts (many times more than that generated by the testers). I hope that we, the community, can make it constructive and concise. The devs will have a lot of information to process firstly from their own data , second from several thousand A1 testers and lastly from the community viewing streamed content.

    I wonder if you can categorize feedback in "discussions" to make it easier for the devs to work with? The devs would likely know how they want information presented and guidance for the community may help. If relevant mention "don't bother giving feedback on XYZ at this time" as it will keep the feedback focused and workload down. You may well already be on top of this with tester (NDA) feedback channels.
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    ^^^^ I second this!
    Could we know what NOT to give feedback on - because it's hard to know what is core and what's unpolished.
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    *Khronus patiently sits and stares at his computer screen and the chance to throw money toward Alpha 1 access. He is not afraid of said bugs from hell.
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi Rickstr

    It looks like the others have provided all the information we have on Alpha 1 sales right now, so I'm going to move this thread to the Support section and close it. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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