SIege Golems

The ability to climb up large monsters in Dragons Dogma online is freaking awesome. But imagine a siege with constructs....

A line of cannons, catapults, siege golems and other constructs line the tree line surrounding the metropolis. The crash of rocks hitting against the castle walls litter the battlefield with stone and dust. Defending armies build temporary moveable walls and obstacles for cover and concealment. The cannons begin to rain down, halting the defending solders from moving around. The siege golems move, at least forty men hanging from each. Traps set by the defenders set off crippling half of the golems, slowing their movement speed, forcing the attacking solders to dismount the golem and engage in close combat. One Siege golem, who dodged the traps walks through the wall defenses knocking away solders with every step and heads towards the castle wall. The golem Slams a hole into the top of the wall, it reaches over into a hole and grips the wall, Soldiers climb around the Golem's arm and infiltrate the castle. The siege golem continues to widen the gap in the wall with its free hand. The defending solders fight the invaders back and crawl across the golems stationary arm and attack the head of the golem to temporarily disable it. It collapses into the wall, bracing and enhancing the wall where it lies, forcing the attacks to destroy the rest of that golem before having the ability to continue to do damage to the wall, however the golem is still a climbable surface and attacking solders rush to climb up the fallen golem. more attacking solders rush from behind the cannons on mechanical mounts with grappling hooks attatched to their chest for scaling castle walls. The defenders take this chance to try and take over the disabled golem, spending sometime playing a minigame at the head of the golem taking control just as the solders came into view. A defending mage jumps onto the newly acquired golem and rushes towards the incoming force, throwing debris from the wall as projectiles to lauch towards at the incoming golems. The attacking golem locks arms with the defending golem holding them both in place and allowing the other golems to slowly make their way past.

>.< I could go on but its just more crazy seeping out. Sieges are chaotic, and there should be so much that could happen during these crazy moments of action.


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    Lineage 2 was ahead of its time with Siege Golems, I think its time to breath new life into the hulking piece of equipment.
  • We briefly talked about this on Discord and i'm just going to repeat myself a little.
    Like I said before, I lean more towards the old fashion medieval sieges, with standard trebuchets, catapults and rams.
    Tho, I like the idea of having some sort of powerful instrument in siege fights/defences. But that's why we have dragons in the game!
    But we also talked about special mounts that could be able to climb walls and maybe you could build some sort of siege golem like in <a href="" target="_blank">GW2</a> . But tbh, I would be satisfied with the standard medieval war machines and a few big ass dragons!
  • Same here lol I just want to ask for as much as I can before it gets moving. The worst thing I could do is not put it out into the universe, Being here to be shot down is a stronger chance of it getting implemented then if I just kept it to myself. Castle sieges will be amazing without intricate siege weaponry, and might even been more amazing without a shortcut through the wall. >.< that being said I'm still hoping for it, just to get my dwarven steam punk fix. When I think of a epic siege I think about chaos, every direction needs attention, Officers need to control their area's of defense while the leaders manage the pace of the whole battle. A shifting battle with broken siege machines littering the battlefield offering cover for the defenders. Also, without a quick way to portal in to continue your attack on the castle, I think siege weaponry becomes a little more fair. Unless its a zerg clan.. I guess if Siege weaponry at the scale I want is going to be in the game, you would need a machine total to prevent constant use, or replenishment of siege machines.
  • Old fashion medieval sieges already have a siege to help soldiers to trespasse the walls. It looks like a mobile stairs in wheels pushed close to the wall. I can't remember the name
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