Corruption/Divine harvesting/Crafting

I think taking away corrupted pieces of environment would do more good towards healing a node, rather then harvesting something divine. Sure you would have some item to use to cleanse the land.. for now.. But you took away something that should be rather hard to grow and maintain. I think that if there are divine things to be harvested there should be consequences for taking it away from the environment, just as there should consequences for using/harvesting corruption. The divine presence should take more time then It takes corruption to grow. Maybe make it a player held quest, like you are not allowed to harvest this, unless you cleanse that piece of corrupted land over there to make up for it, balance out the lack of divinity in region.

All of this is assuming corruption, and divinity is a useable force that can affect the world in area's other then its harvested. A messed up thing to do to a enemy territory would you didn't plan on taking over. Corrupted players would almost solely available to do such acts. Or you could force cleanse an area using divine rituals in the area of the corruption using some divine items as a catalyst for change in the region. That sounds way too mean now that I've written that out..

In archage if a player would gain enough karma from PKing or stealing crops, they would be forced switched to the pirate faction. I liked the idea, but the language barriers were an issue for that system. The corruption could split the player by their playstyles. If your a red player, your trying to be evil anyways. I don't think they should be punished by being moved acrossed the land, but they should gain access to like a hive mind chat tab, all corrupted can talk with one another.. that's a little much too lol

In lineage 2 We could purchase Spirit/Soul Shots to increase the damage of our attacks. If this is implemented in this game >.< I think they should be made out of Corrupted/Divine materials. Or limit the use to only a set amount a day or you begin to feel the effects of an overdose. Allowing you to choose to stop their use or feel the full effects of continued use, maybe give a addiction debuff nudging them on to the path of item dependence.
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