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[NA] The Port Mafia | PVP PVE PVX RP [Social] | Eastern | Anime | Port Area

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The Port Mafia | PVX [Social] | Eastern | Anime Theme |
The Port Mafia is a brand new guild of friends united by camaraderie, and a desire to have fun while online
gaming. Our environment will host a diverse collection of people from any gaming play style. Adventuring together and exploring what Ashes of Creation, and other games, have to offer!
PvX content is our consciousness we also inspire a strong social environment with an emphasis on companionship, helpfulness, and a deep feel of community. We additionally encourage our contributors to take part in in-game RP and Anime discussions. Leadership opportunities are gained based upon merit. With all this being stated, The Port Mafia is open and accepting applicants from all play styles to return be part of us and have an awesomeness time.

Contact: You won't need to stress over joining another "clan website" and all that other junk. Only Discord is required for our regular updates and communication
Guild Master: lugo56#1979
Discord: Post your guild intro in the discord.
Guild Intro:
Player Name:
What you like to be called or any nicknames:
Classes you might play:
Profession you might choose:
Are you interested in a Guild Officer position?:
What timezone are you in:
Which style of play do you prefer? PvE/PvP/RP/Or All:
How did you find us?:
Do you have access to Alpha(1or2) or Beta(1or2)?:
Questions for the Guild Master or any concerns:
Any other information you might what to tell about yourself:
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