Is there any way to apply as a QA tester for Ashes?

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Or is Intrepid using players for that?
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  • Interesting thread!

    Just to confirm, is the QA Tester defined as a role that is different from the Alpha or Beta tester, and can do more work with programming and other knowledge in game development?

    I'm guessing it would be completely free help if it's not in the form of employment, but it would be interesting to see someone with the motivation and knowledge take on such a role! :D

    Of course, there would have to be arrangements to prevent information leaks.
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    Alpha testing is for members of the organization.
    Beta testing is user acceptance testing.

    Videogame development is a iterative work.
    You test quality along different stages of the game, and even there, there are people specialized for testing different things. From engineering to gameplay and balance. But you should always be familiar with technical language as to communicate better with other teams.

    I personally want to specialize in combate, design, balance and player experience. And physics when I get better on the engine.
    Of course, there would have to be arrangements to prevent information leaks.
    Yes, that's part of the job. Lack of hype management have killed many games.
    Here's a tip, and a spear behind it.
  • I think that's an interesting suggestion! :D

    I don't have the expertise to participate, unfortunately, but it would be reassuring for Intrepid Studios to have such active supporters. 👍️
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    Intrepid have advertised for internal QA positions in the past on their careers page: so keep an eye out on that page and also their social media for updates on that.

    Then of course you have the Alpha and Beta testers which are players who have bought the relevant packs. If you wish to take part in some of these tests you can purchase one of the pre-order packs here:

    I'm going to move this thread to the Support section and close it now, but if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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