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Interactive Element Magic

My only problem with element locked magic, is all users no mater what element has access to the same basic spells with thier special element that seperates it from other classes.
Magic that effects the environment and evolves the environment as you magicly interact with it.
You cast a force push and rocks fly at the enemy, or in your cast lets say you summoned a puddle to throw an ice spire instead of chucking rocks.
The enemy mage reacts with a force wall to block your ice attack and his wall absorbs the ice becoming a ice wall.
He using force push and sends it back at you.
You Dispell the ice wall, and send the water back at him as a binding move to hold him still etc. A back and forth tug of war of power, not just numbers.
A magic battle should be more of a conversation then a spray and pray battle.
Mages should be allowed to specialize if they want, but unlocking the ability to control different elements through quests spread across the world, rather then giving them elemental control through leveling up.
Staggering the elements could give the impression that an element you would get later on is better then one you would have early access to. No one should be locked into a element, if you want to be a jack of all trades, you should be able to do that.
Specialization should on the user’s part to choose to only use certain spells or combinations.
If you could only use one type of magic, it may open up jobs for mages to get people into dungeons blocked by certain elements.
Wind jumps gaps, water freezes or parts, earth moves rocks, fire burns debris.. or boils fluids in steam powered locks..
kinda stretching it for fire but.. Branches and vines shouldn’t just be burned, nature should be a element of its own, a lot of crowd control there.
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