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Fantasy Racism Bun-fight

McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
edited February 2021 in Role-Playing Tavern
The problem with Racial Benefit discussions in general is that so many can't get past the emotions they associate with a stumpy Dunir, obese halflings (sorry, "Nikua"), obnoxious Empyrean, weedy Py'Rai, no brain Ren'Kai, spaced out Vek, vanilla Kaelar, slippery Vaelune or inbred Tulnar.

I thought I'd generate this discussion to see all those insults play out, without attempting any serious discussion.
Roll (role?) out every stereotype and please try to make it humorous. If we could develop some stereotypes for the lesser abused races that would add to the theme.

"is it okay for a Vaelune to 'short change' a Dunir?"
"An activated Stealth ability makes a Kaelar Rogue stand out more"
"All Tulnar get webbed hands and feet for free"
"Ren'kai get the muscle, Vek get the brain"
"What's the difference between Empyrean and Py'Rai? One of them shoots off their mouth and their bow before they run away"
"What does a Nikua call the time between meals? Sleep!"

Seeing as this is a tavern, please can you give your opinions about the quality of each races' beverages and we will see where it leads!


  • DerToastinatorDerToastinator Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I don't have any insults right now, but I got a lot of controversy for my post about races and racism in ashes xD
  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What do you get when a dwarf and an orc procreate? A Dork.
  • tautau wrote: »
    What do you get when a dwarf and an orc procreate? A Dork.

    Clever girl, citizen tautau, cle-ver-girl... though the dwarves beards cause my greymatter chamber great confusion, as I could not bother to tell them apart.

    They're all just diggers to me.
  • LukaiLuxLukaiLux Member
    edited September 2022
    Hm, never thought I'd one day sit behind my computer screen trying to be racist. Well, here goes nothing:

    * "What does Aela diversity and an Adventuring 101 class have in common? They only include the basics."
    * "Why isn't Tulnar Husbandry a skill tree? Because less is more"
    * "What do you call a Ren'Kai with no muscles? Useless"
    * "What do you call a Dunir in a dungeon? A pebble with stones"
    * "Did you hear about the Vek Tanking in last week's raid? Me neither"
    * "What's the difference between a Tree and a Py'Rai? One starts running when you see it"
    * Two Vek walk into a bar. One asks the other, "How do Empyreans outlive Kaelar? They look the same to me." The other replies, "Well, it must be a consistent trait amongst their race. Probably runs in their blood." From the table behind them, a Vaelune gives a derisive snort, "Must be their endless arrogance."
    * (I'd like to add SaltyOnigiri's comment on another thread to this one) "You know what they say about Py'Rai with big horns🤣 "
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