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Ideal Class Creative Exercise

Hi all! This is a little late considering the original thread about Ideal Class is being summed up by Toast already, but please excuse my tardiness.

My friends and I enjoy brainstorming about classes, abilities, and game systems in RPGs, so we took the dev discussion question about ideal class and tried to come up with a character from a video game, book, comic, tv show, movie, etc. for each of the 64 classes. I’d love to read about some you guys come up with!

Here are some of our favorites so far:
Velen (from WoW): High Priest
Dr. Strange: Archwizard
Aragorn: Strider
Jack Sparrow: Charlatan or Trickster
Shallan Davar (The Stormlight Archive): Enchanter
Wit (The Stormlight Archive): Soul Weaver
Gimli (Lord of the Rings): Siren :P
Legolas: Scout
Adolin (Stormlight Archive): Duelist
Anduin Wrynn (WoW): Templar
Turalyon (WoW): Paladin/Highsword
Unholy DK (WoW): Necromancer
Genn Greymane (WoW): Predator
Jakarn (ESO): Trickster/Charlatan
Sylvanas or Alleria Windrunner: Scion/Soulbow
Tom Bombadil: Song Warden
Mordecai (Borderlands 2): Falconer
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