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{EU} Vanaheim!! Social and Community guild [EN]

WhistleJacketWhistleJacket Member
edited March 2021 in EU Guild Recruitment
We and our members will decide the direction of the guild and its goals. We want to build a community that is in engaging and a place where friends can be made before the launch of the game, as we believe that the MMO experience is enhanced greatly when you have a great guild of buddies to play with!!

The current goal of the guild is the building of a community, for now, we are going to be playing other games that our members enjoy, We are always open for suggestions on what to play and encourage everyone to invite people along. We want to be both as active and engaged with the guild and its members as possible, as many guilds stray to being disconnected from their members or very quiet/dead. The guild leaders want to be as present as we can!!

The Guild leaders are incredibly passionate about the game and really believe that it will be something special, we want to go into the game with a large group of friends so we can experience all the glory and fun the game has to offer, it will also be a big help to have allies for raids, leveling and PvP, etc. As mentioned our guild will be driven by its members, meaning you can have a direct say in what the guild will be in terms of theme and motivations within the game.

There is currently only one requirement for the guild and that is you be yourself!! We would never want anyone joining trying to fit some sort of role, we just want to bring people together to give the true Guild feeling!! Thanks a lot for considering us and we hope to see you in our guild tavern and in Vanaheim!!
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