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Pirate Gaming // PVP Focused, Active Community

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Established in 2012 with an excellent record in MMOs, survival games and large scale PVP, Pirate Gaming will be staking its claim to the land of Verra and the priceless booty it contains.

PG aims become one of the dominant forces on its server through territorial development and control, trade, positive relationships with like minded guilds, and if needs be.....war.

Perhaps you're a seasoned progression raider, a die-hard PVP'er or you enjoy gathering, crafting and trade. There may be a spot for you at Pirate Gaming if you:
  1. Are 18+
  2. Work well in a team
  3. Can be relied upon to play when you say you will (with obvious exceptions)
  4. Don't take yourself too seriously
  5. Have experience in MMORPG's and Sandbox PVP games

What's in it for you:
  • Be part of a large, friendly multi-gaming community for AoC and more
  • Committed leadership with bags of experience
  • Solid management structure to organise events and help new members
  • Plenty of other games to play with us before AoC drops
  • Pirate memes.
Our Pirate Code:
  1. Stand by Your Hearties
  2. Be Smart: Don't Steal from Pirates
  3. Gambling's for Landlubbers
  4. Never Bring Your Date Home
  5. Rock the Vote. Every man shall have an equal voice in affairs of moment
  6. Settle Disputes Onshore (with Pistols & Cutlasses, of course)
  7. Remember: Rank Has its Privileges

Join our discord, accept the Pirate Code and join the crew, ready for the adventure in AoC!
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