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Intrepid Studios Recruitment SQUAD - let's go!

maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
I really want to do my part to help IS recruit the team they want.

But I gots no clues about where to look for an "Unreal Network Engineer" etc.

I have a few ideas that we can try:
  • Contacting reputable Educators/Schools who might post career options to their grads (I know Gnomon does this)
  • Linked-In (but seems weird to send messages to randoms on Linked-In)
  • Reaching out to development teams who worked on projects you loved to ask them for contacts
  • Art Station

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Also where would you find the more technically involved people (Network Security Engineer etc.)?
I wish I were deep and tragic


  • edited March 2021
    You'd be surprised where 'more technically involved people' are 'hiding'.

    Most larger companies have several technically staff working in the background. For example I work for a mining company but am actually a Digital Analytics Deployment Specialist focusing on deploying digital solutions (products) to mines (users).

    I would love to work for Intrepid because I believe in their mission but unfortunately I reside in Canada.

    All that to say, start within your own circle and explore the people within. At my mining company I deal with UX/UI designers, FE Devs, BE Devs, Digital Security, QA, etc. and most people wouldn't think that.
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