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is Ashes Of Creation Going To have Interactions, or kind of Emotes such as Role Playing Thing?

As a MMorpg Veteran player i've been searching for an intense Role Play ''THING'' Like Bein'g Able To shake Hands Or Make A Toast while you and your ''Guild Members'' Drinkin' a Beer , such as sitting Down 'n a Chair or Even Group Emotes or interactions,

i was lil ''wooow'' the First time i Played ~BDO~ Just For That Little Thing That You' Able To Sit Down Almost In Every Thing Or BEing Able To Lean To A Table Or Wall(after 1 Week i left Bdo bcs it wasn't For Me :'P '' Grinding Like a No Lifer Is Not For Everyone i Guess'')

And I'm Very Sorry If This Question Was Answered Before But As I'm Workin' Didn't Got Enough Time To Do Research.


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