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Is Growing The Community "Now" Good For AoC?

Quinny_WinnyQuinny_Winny Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
If I was working at Intrepid I would suggest removing the NDA.
Open the live test servers to a very small amount of Streamers and content Creators for a limited time. Find out what they like and don't like.

Give the test groups objectives, let them work in groups and at the end of the test cycles have the followers vote to keep the top 5.

You don't have to have a massive test group to let everyone enjoy the Alpha, you just have to remember that the community is at its best when we pull each other up.


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    DreohDreoh Member
    This isn't an early access game. They are doing the same kind of alpha testing any game would do, they are just being more open about development.

    They absolutely should not remove the NDA because having all information available before the game comes out will absolutely kill the hype necessary for a successful launch.
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