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Sweaty try hard | PvX | Hardcore | Progression focused, proven player looking for guild

ChirpChirp Member
edited March 2021 in NA Guild Recruitment
Hi -

Some of my note-worthy gaming experiences:
  • World ranked(8th) affliction WL, PvE, WoW(MoP)
  • 14th(*) ranked on hardcore ladder, Path of Exile, Season 1 (used to play with Kripp and crew)
  • #1 NA Agency(AvA), Global Agenda, Season 1 (Curb Stomp agency, also known as TAO)
  • #1 ranked burglar on server, #2 NA, PvP, LotRO (TAO kinship)

(* Until close to end of season, died due to dsync and fell off ladder... RIP)

These are a few things that I'm proud of from my hardcore days. I'm a bit more casual now but really excited for Ashes, and hoping it is the game that pulls me back towards hardcore.

There are some lesser accomplishments I can speak to, like Plat 1 in Season 3 of LoL, and ironically enough, Plat 1 in SC2 in WoL. These aren't particularly significant but I think they demonstrate that I've played a wide variety of games and taken them all fairly seriously.

What I'm looking for:
  • PvP and PvE
  • Progression focused in PvE
  • Server dominance in PvP
  • Like-minded, dedicated individuals
  • West Coast / Central (I'm MTN timezone so either works)

Overall, I'm looking for people to enjoy the game with. I enjoy being the best and am looking for a crew that is willing to put in time and effort to be the best.

It's important to me that a guild can speak to their accomplishments in other games or that members of the guild can speak to their own accomplishments in other games. I'm not in a rush to join a guild, it's important to me that I find the right fit. I'm looking for alignment between my objectives and the objectives of the guild.

About me:
I'm 32(booooomer), and live in Colorado. I'm a product designer(software) and have a flexible work schedule that I can move around to accommodate odd, time-sensitive in-game objectives like late-night raids, pve spawn camping, etc. I'm pretty chill generally but tend to get passionate(loud) about things that I care about.

I have no kids and my girlfriend also enjoys gaming, so there should be very few interruptions during sweaty/try hard initiatives.

I grew up playing MMOs, starting with Everquest back in 1999(I was like 10 years old), then Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, LotRO, WoW, AION, and many others. I gave up on the MMO space several years ago, but just learned about Ashes last fall and must admit I'm way too hyped for the release.

Throughout my teenage years and early 20s, gaming was a huge part of my life. I stepped away from gaming around 5 years ago to focus on my career and just recently came back to gaming around a year ago. During my 4 years away I fell out of contact with most people that I used to play with, so now i'm looking for a new crew for Ashes and beyond.

Want to learn more? Swipe righ... I mean, message me here, respond to this thread, or DM on Discord: Chirp#7709


  • Yo, I'm also interested in a guild that aligns with your post and interests!
    Trample the dead and hurdle the fallen. Run, and you will only die tired.
  • DracobringerDracobringer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think you would fit in with Overlord pretty well too man. We're focusing on a lot of server firsts and I have the leadership experience and organizational planning to back it up. Our guild itself is new and is for Ashes of Creation only, so it doesn't have guild-wide accomplishments yet, but several of our members do.

    I also ensure our mantra of 'quality over quantity' by interviewing everyone that applies to our guild personally, so everyone that joins has the same mindset that you do. That we are seriously aiming for server firsts, and I do not accept applicants that are inexperienced or sound like they don't understand the time it takes to obtain such goals.

    I'll add you on discord, and we can see where things go from there. :smile:
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