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Tulnar ideas

Since we don't know anything about their looks besides that they are a mix of humanoid and animal characteristics I wanted to have fun making potential characters in HeroForge. (my favourite is dwarf catboi not gonna lie)


  • Wizard lizard is pretty cool NGL
  • Wizard lizard is pretty cool NGL

    Its actually a frog!;D
  • DesyncGamingDesyncGaming Member
    edited March 2021
    Riessene wrote: »
    Wizard lizard is pretty cool NGL

    Its actually a frog!;D

    Still looks cool and my name would still be Lizard Wizard😅
  • WoodOxWoodOx Member, Explorer, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I am hoping for a half pangolin or half reptile type myself (hell even a minotaur would suit me but I'm not sure it fits the world.) =) These are great, but I fell for the one wielding the double ended blades/ polearm weapon.
  • JxshuwuJxshuwu Member
    edited April 2021
    Me and @kSwift made characters for eachother in heroforge thanks to you!

    As you can tell, she has a little more artistic insight than i do, but i tried my best.

    The character she made for me:


    The character i made for her:


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